Cradle to the Rave - Raving with the kids

So a couple of weeks ago the children got to experience their very first rave! What's more exciting for them is that they got to watch their own uncle DJ, as he was one of the guest Dj's. Cradle to the Rave is an inclusive, multi-sensory rave experience. Set against the backdrop of Manchester and its rich musical heritage, tailored for parents and their little (and in some cases not so little!!) angels. This fab event is organised by seasoned ravers, DJs, Promoters and Nursery Nurses that are all now parents and not ready to hang up their glow sticks!
As a family of music lovers there is nothing better we like doing on a quite Sunday than getting our dancing shoes on and heading into Manchester. Cradle to Rave is held in R Base, 42 Charles Street, Manchester, M1 7DB, adults pay £8, children £5 and non walkers are completely free. You can pre book your tickets direct on the website or pay on the door. 
Even the smallest member of the family had fun, we couldn't keep her out of the ball pit. Aswell as the soft play there were UV face paints available to make the kids glow, a craft corner and parachute games. The kids had a blast and we felt safe in the knowledge that there were trained paediatric first aiders on hand just in case.
We loved the Photobooth by Matthew Banks, the whole family can get involved and pick up some daft props and capture memories of their first rave. I'm not sure Betty was to impressed by her Mummy and Daddy putting a rabbit mask on her!
We had a great time, listened to soma amazing music and the children had a great time. So fear not retired ravers, you can still get your dance fix and take the kiddies with you. Following the great success of the first event Cradle to Rave have announced the date for the 2nd event.
So if you fancy picking up your glow sticks again you're in luck, we will be down there again on Sunday 10th April with our glow sticks to hand. You can find out more and a link to pre book tickets on the Cradle to Rave Facebook page, you can also follow the fun over on twitter @cradle_to.

  1. This place sounds amazing
    My brothers looking for somewhere local for fun with his two

  2. Sounds brilliant - hope the idea catches on and comes near me soon - cant travel 200 miles for a rave
    (Spencer Broadley)


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