BlokPod Lego Sorter Review

We have a LOT of Lego in our house, they all started off as sets but all kind of ended up in one big tub for free play. It sometimes gets left a little unloved though as sorting through a mountain of Lego to find a piece you want itsn't high on the agenda of an impatient 8-year-old.
The Blokpod is a cylinder shaped container that stores and sorts your Lego, priced at £34.99 and available to buy from the Amazon page. The 4 layers are all interlocking and with a simple twist can be unlocked to access your bricks on each layer. In each compartment is a colourful filter with different sized holes in each layer. This is what the Lego will pass through, only pieces small enough to go through will fall into the next layer.
The Blokpod was designed to grow with your collection and in Spring this year you will be able to purchase additional layers and additional filters. I love that this is an option, although we have lots of Lego my eldest loves it and is always getting new sets.
I think the children just loved putting the Lego in and watching it sort through the filters. It can sometimes get a little stuck but you just have to gently shake it from side to side and the flow starts up again. We love this and think its a great idea. The children have played with our Lego so much more, it's really easy to see what they want to make their model and just get it. We will definitely be buying extra layers for the rest of our collection.
I have also made a little video for our YouTube channel showing how the Blokpod sorts and filters out your Lego pieces. Pretty impressive isnt it? How would you like to win one for yourself? Keep your eyes out for the giveaway soon.

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*I was sent the BlokPod for an honest review

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