What was in January's Degustabox

I had another Degustabox delivered this month and it had lots of things I haven't tried before. If you haven't heard of Degustabox it's a monthly subscription box priced at £12.99 that delivers 9-14 surprise products, many of the products are new to the market so you get to try them first. 
Slim Noodles £2.49 - I was excited to see these in this months box. I am following the Slimming World plan and these are really low in syns.
Amoy Cooking Sauces £1.79 - There were 2 packets in the box a Thai green curry and a malaysian taksa. These are perfect for popping in the cupboard for a quick dinner for the Mr, he is a fan of Amoy so he was happy.
Clarks Fruit Syrup £2.39 - This is another product I have heard about through Slimming World, lots of members use it to flavour their porridge.
Jordans Cereal £2.69 - I love a nice muesli and I haven't tried this one before. It's really packed with succulent fruit and crunchy nuts. Just what you need for a kick start in the morning.
Yushoi £2 - I was intrigued by these as they are only 91 calories and I love crisp so thought they would be a good swap. But the overwhelming pea taste just didn't do it for me, the children really liked them though.
Finn Crisp £1.20 - I have had these in a previous Degustabox and they are perfect for my Slimming World plan. They are great for adding savoury or sweet toppings.
Cold Press Apple Juice £1.40 - I am a big fan of the coldpress juices, they are so crisp and refreshing. This golden delicious juice drink is perfect served ice cold straight from the fridge.
Tsingtao Beer £2 - The hubby was excited to see this in this months box. he loves to try out different beers. He tells me this is is a really crisp tasting beer with a nice taste to it.
Crobar £2.25 - I am always intrigued by health food bars but have yet to find one that I really like. This one contains cricket flour. I'm still on the hunt for a bar I like as for me this one has a rather odd taste to it.
Conscious Chocolate £3 - This chocolate is the one for you is you like a good strong tasting chocolate. Its 75% cacao solid with a hint of vanilla. I really like this and a little goes a long way.

What do you think of the contents? This month's contents retails for around £23, so you are getting more than your monies worth in the box. There were 11 items from 10 different brands so a good variety. Want to try Degustabox yourself? You can get a massive £6 off your first box by using code BLDEG15 at the checkout.
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*I was sent the Degustabox FOC for the purpose of an honest review
  1. I keep seeing these and it's nice to see the different items. I'm not a fan of subscribing to monthly items but this does seem like a good idea to try something new

  2. You're very brave tasting the cricket bar, I wimped out ! lol

  3. I am guessing that the thing about these boxes is that it is like a veg box in so far as it makes you eat things you wouldn't otherwise eat. Which is good or my kids would die of pizza overdose.

  4. I love the idea of new products being sent out every month as it gives people a chnace to try new things that they probably wouldn't have considered before x

  5. Nice selection of products


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