Slimming World Weigh In Week 28

I'm a day late this week, thanks to Virgin Media I have been off the internet for 2 whole days!! That's a long time when you're a blogger. I went to weigh in on Monday night and was unsure again of the result. My attempt to stay on the wagon at the weekend failed. I try so hard to pre-plan, I make sure I have all the right foods in, but when it comes to eating it, it just doesn't happen. A busy day on Saturday ended in a takeaway burger and chips. I didn't bother to work out the syn value, as I had always had my maximum amount of syns anyway. I was hopeful that because all my other meals were of good quality and balanced that I may sneak a maintain. I actually managed......
So I am now 2stone 4 lbs down and only 1 lbs away from my interim target. I still haven't set a final target, I think I will know when I get there. My ideal weight is 10 stone 10lbs but I think I will look ill being that thin. I have never been able to share my start weight before, probably because I was so ashamed of it. But I feel in a really good place and know that I will never be going back there again. I am really happy with where I am right now, I am 3 sizes smaller in tops and 2 sizes smaller in bottoms. I also did my monthly measurements, I do them on the 1st of every month
Bust - minus 4 inches
Hips - minus 1 inch
Waist - minus half and inch
Thighs - minus 1 inch each
I was really surprised by my bust, but it explains why my bras are so baggy. The best thing about losing weight it how it makes you feel. For the first time in years I am not having to shop in specifically plus sized clothing stores and most shops now sell my bra size!! I haven't been to the gym much, I have been busy settling in our newest family member, my little puggle puppy Honey.
I can't wait for her to have all her jabs and get out walking with her and start working on that Gold body magic award! I am just 3 lbs away from my 2 and half stone award and just 1 lb away from my interim target. So I will see you next week with hopefully 2 new awards.
Start Weight - 20 stone 5lbs
Current Weight - 18 stone 1lb
Last Weeks Target - 3lb loss
This Weeks Result - 2lb loss
Total Weight Loss - 2 stone 4 lbs
This Weeks Goal -  3lbs
Sim's Life
  1. I've been reading your slimming world posts with interest, your weight loss is amazing and has inspired me to do something about losing some weight. Thank you for sharing your recipes also

  2. Woohoo that's fabulous. And don't you love it even more when you've sneaked in something naughty and got away with it ?! lol. I'm always peeved that the first place to lose weight is always in the bust - not fair ! You'll definitely have to get out and treat yourself to some new clothes and underwear :) Oh and your puppy is so cute - she looks like all those cute puppy pics on facebook !

  3. You are getting there - I wish I could put it on as you lose it, because I am underweight!!!! Keep the good work up xx
    (Spencer Broadley)

  4. Well done on your loss and being so close to your goal. It takes a lot of bravery to put down our actual weight and at the moment I am not as brave as you - so thank you :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  5. Well done. Heard so much about slimming world, think i might give it a try

  6. Well done on your loss! It always feels great when you are not expecting a loss. Arrrr your puppy is so cute! x #SundayWeighIn

  7. Well done on your loss am going onto slimming world next month going need will power

  8. Oh hun, what an exciting week! Not only for your 2lb loss but also Honey the puppy - she is so cute and shares the same name as my dog! SW is really working for you and it's great that you are feeling like you are in a better place. You are definitely on the right track and thank you for sharing your journey with us on #WeightLossWednesday! Hope you are having an epic week and can reach another target this week! Sim xx

  9. Well done on your weight loss, you are doing so well and I love following your weight loss journey.

  10. your doing really well im thinking of starting myself


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