Human Body Factivity Book Review

All my children love a good fact book, especially Mr D, and as a Parragon Book Buddy each month we get a different book to review. This month we got the fantastic Human Body Factivity Book to review.
This fab set contains a fact-packed book and a 20 piece 3d skeleton for your child to build for the great price of £10.95. It contains over 400 facts and 50 activities for your child to complete and display on its own stand.
As you can see from the index there are 128 pages and you can flip straight to a part that interests you. Throughout the book there are questions for your child to answer and just in case you don't know the answer you flip to the end of the book you will find all the answers.
The from heart page is very interesting and explains in very child-friendly terms how the heart works. It explains how both sides of the heart work together to get your blood pumped all throughout your body. I love how the book explains everything and is really informative and explains things in a really fun way.
As well as the fact pages you get 50 really easy and fun activities to complete. The terrific tendons shows children how their hand works with the help of a rubber glove, straws and some string. The activities are all nicely illustrated and easy to follow. The whole book is actually really bright and well illustrated and will really hold your child's attention.
To round off all the learning and fun activities, the 20 piece skeleton is a nice addition. Mr Skeleton also comes with his own stand to attach him to when you have finished. This is a must have and would make a great addition to your book collection.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the above item FOC as part of the Parragon Book Buddies scheme, for an honest review.
  1. This looks really good!


  2. My youngest Daughter would really enjoy this

  3. this looks great and informative CHERYL HADFIELD

  4. this looks really great and educational

  5. I think this is probably aimed at 9 years+? Not sure my 7 year old would be interested, but you never know.


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