Gruffalo 4 Shaped Puzzle Review

We love puzzles, they're the perfect way to kill some time on a wet and gloomy day. Miss S and Mr C absolutely love the Gruffalo and were really happy when we got a 4 piece jigsaw puzzle set to review from Ravensburger. It has quickly become Mr C's go to puzzle and will be very well played with.
A roasted fox, a scrambled snake or owl ice cream what will Gruffalo have to eat as he's extremely hungry and on the hunt to find some food in the deep dark woods! But Gruffalo thinks everyone is afraid of him and he will not get any food! Piece together this colourful four shaped jigsaw puzzle showing the Fox, Snake, Owl and The Gruffalo to find out what he actually eats for his supper! The puzzles are cut to different piece counts - either 10, 12, 14, 16 pieces, making the set ideal for use within a family with different aged children or a playgroup. Puzzle measures 19 x 14cm when completed. The Gruffalo 4 Piece Puzzle Set is available on Amazon for £6.99
We have many Ravensburger puzzles in our games cupboard and I love how well made they are and how long they last. All the puzzle are made with really good quality card, which means the pieces don't bend easily. A great feature when you have a 4 and 7 year old arguing over them! I also like that the 4 puzzle are all made up of a different number of pieces, so the children can work their way up. I also like that the 4 puzzle have different colour backgrounds, this made it easy for the children to sort the pieces into piles ready for play.
Mr C who is aged 4 really enjoyed these puzzle and easily managed to build all 4 of the within a few minutes. Miss S who is nearly 8 and has motor issues also didn't struggle, she seems to prefer the Ravensburger puzzle as they have a shiny surface and feel better in her hands.
We would definitely recommend this puzzle, it's a great price and really good quality. It will be a fab addition to any child's collection.
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*I was sent the above sample FOC for the purpose of an honest review

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