The Year That Was 2015

At the very beginning of 2015 I didn't even have a blog, the end of 2014 was incredibly difficult and the blog was the last thing on my mind. In March I realised how much I loved my blog but wanted a fresh outlook and Raising The Rainbows was born.
The month of March was all about reflection , we had made the decision of what school to send Mr L to and were in limbo while waiting for a decision from the education department. It had also been 3 months since Mr D's diagnosis and we where still as a family getting used to have 3 with autism.
The month of April was all about Autism Awareness and I blogged alot about it, my most read post was all about the importance of having time away from the children. When you are a fulltime carer it is really important to take some time away and recharge yourself.
The Month of May saw a long 2 week half term, it was honestly the longest 2 weeks of our lives. Miss S has never really coped well with half term, she thrives off the routine of school and would happily go 365 days a year. She spent most of the 2 weeks creating havoc in the house and on her brothers.
So when June rolled by I was more than ready for our annual holiday away without the children! We had a glorious week in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote. The weather was stunning and we had some great family time with my siblings. Its an amazing place and we cant wait to go back and maybe take the children one day.
July was 1 of the proudest months of my life. I travelled to Newcastle and watched my baby sister graduate with a first class degree from Northumbria University. It was an amazing and emotional day, Danielle never lets anything get in her way and if she is going to do something she will do it well. I am so unbelievable proud of her. It was also the month I decided it was time to start looking after myself, for the past 11 years I have been a Mum and a full time carer. Having 3 children with additional needs is hard work and I haven't really looked after myself. The weight piled on and in July a friend suggested Slimming World, I loved it from the first week and still attend now. The weight is coming off at a steady rate and I hope by this time next year I will be significantly nearer to target.
It seems August went by in a bit of a haze, it was the school holidays and we managed some lovely family days out. We had the task of preparing Mr L for his new journey to high school and he wasn't ready for the change, which lead to a hectic and stressful August.
In September I blogged about Mr L's first few weeks in High school the LEA went against our choice of placement and placed him in mainstream with full support. He had the luxury of having his primary school teaching assistant with him for the first 6 weeks, I believe this made all the difference to his start and he's done amazing ever since.
October was an update on all 4 of the children and how they were all getting on. Mr C who had previously been looked over by paediatricians for possible autism was given the ok. I was relieved that they weren't concerned and that he is just a quiet shy boy.
In November I blogged about our normal family day out. Being an autism family means doing things all together can be difficult. But we decided to brave Gulliver's World for a family day out. It turned out to be a wonderful day and even Miss S, who hates crowds and people was sad to have to leave. It will definitely be a place we visit again.
December was all about Christmas gift guides and Christmas giveaway so not many personal posts. But the one I am most proud of is my Week 19 Slimming World weigh in! After much messing around I finally hit my 2 stone target and am officially in a stone bracket I have not been on since before Mr D was born. On the same week I also got my club 10 award for losing 10% of my body weight. I have joined the gym and am attending regularly. I never for a million years thought I would enjoy the gym but I love going and like the buzz I get from it.
So whats next for 2016
Well I am going to continue on my Slimming World journey, I inevitably put on a little weight over Christmas from being off plan. I am back on the wagon now and haven't stopped attending the gym. It took me 20 weeks to lose 2 stone so realistically I could be another 4 stone lighter by this time next year. This thought excites me greatly, as someone who had dressed to hide their body, I am embracing my emerging shape, I have lost one of my chins and can see I am starting to get a waist!
We are also taking the leap and braving taking the children on their fist holiday in the sun! We have always visited Haven but fancy a change. With the assistance of my Mum and Sister we plan to go to Majorca in August, so we will see how that goes. 
I am hoping for my blog to be more informative in 2016, I love doing reviews and trying out new things, but I feel personal posts can get lost in a sea of reviews, so I am pulling back a bit on reviews and only accepting items we have a real use for.
I hope you will stick with my in 2016, I look forward to the journey
Thanks For sticking with me in 2015
Share your 2015 - Belle du Brighton
  1. I love reading about you and your family,it's almost like a friend chatting,as they say a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.Congratulations on the weight loss,it made me smile when you said you'd lost a chin !.I hope you and your family have a very happy,healthy and prosperous new year and I look forward to reading some more about you and your lovely family x

  2. Good luck with your weight loss - I'm trying too!

  3. Some fabulous memories from the year :) My weightloss attempts will kick off again after some time off over Christmas so I'll be doing a Sunday weigh in again this week. I was interested to see that you went to Lanzarote - we're going there this year and I know nothing about it so I'll see if you blogged about it :) Here's to a fab 2016 xxx

  4. Wow, what a year you've had. That's fantastic that you've lost two stone as well, well done you!!!

    I've not come across your blog before (spotted you on the the Belle Du Brighton Share Your Year Linky.

    Looking forward to finding out more about you and your family, and many more of you blog posts.

    Laura (mummylala) x

  5. I'm so pleased for you that you're doing so well with weightloss! You're so right that you really need to spend some time caring for yourself, especially when you're a carer full time! I really hope that you have a successful family holiday next year!

  6. Very nice to read about your reflections of the past year. Wishing you lots of luck that 2016 brings lots of good things your way x

  7. Sounds like you had a fab year :-) I have an 18 y/o with high functioning aspergers and my wife was diagnosed with it at the end of last year so I totally sympathise with you needing that break. Hope you have a fab 2016 :-) xx

  8. Well done on youre weight loss, keep going with slimming world.I lost 2 stone with the same diet club.hope you and youre family have a great 2016.


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