The Teletubbies are back - Toy Review

My baby brother is 19 years old and I can remember his curly little head sat on my lap giggling away to the Teletubbies! He and his little cousin Sarah were obsessed with them. As I sat there all those year ago I never thought I would be still watching the Teletubbies with my own children!
In November 2015 the Teletubbies returned to our television screens, and there is now a whole new generation of children who have fell in love with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po. The team at Character Options have released a much anticipated toy collection which are set to be the must have items for any Teletubbie fan, new or old. Available from today, whether you want a cuddly plush or a full on playset, they have it all.
In December we got a beautiful box of Teletubbie toys to play with, but we have had to keep it top secret until today! Myself and some other bloggers have had a few weeks to get to know our new toys and now we can finally share what was inside our very special boxes.
Each of our Teletubbies surprises where wrapped in colour coordinated paper, to represent each of the Teletubbies. It really added to the excitement of what was inside each parcel, the only trouble we had was who to pick first!!
The first 2 items out of the box are the 6inch plush Laa-Laa and Po. Both are huggable snuggly soft and are perfect for the younger Teletubbies fan. I love the multi texture the plush provides, the soft fur and the silky feet pads offer a multi sensory experience. The plush is suitable from birth so even the baby in the family can get in on the act. They are reasonably priced at only £6.99, so it wont break the bank getting all 4 in the collection.
Next up we have 2 of the items from the mini plastic moulded collection. We got Tinky Winky and the very cute little Noo-Noo. Tinky Winky comes with his famous red bag that he doesn't go anywhere without! He just wouldn't be Tinky Winky without his bag. Noo-Noo is very cute, he has wheels on the bottom, so your little one can push him around everywhere. These would be great for using in a playset and the perfect size for fun in the go! They are available in all characters, suitable for ages 18months + and priced at £3.99 per figure.
Mr C was overjoyed to find a talking Dipsy in our surprise box. He is made from super soft furry cuddly fabric, so he is perfect for hugging. When you press his tummy you hear all the original Teletubbie sound effects and phrases. He is the perfect size for Mr C to cuddle up to and he just loves it when he gives him a squeeze and hears him speak. The talking plush are available in all 4 characters, suitable for ages 18months + and priced at £9.99, which is a great price.
I have obviously saved the best item until last! The custard train is brand new to the Teletubbies series this year, so its a never seen before toy! My gang where very excited to see it come out of the box and couldn't wait to give it a try.
When your child pulls the cord in the front of the train all 4 of the Teletubbies spin around and around in their chairs. The tubby custard machine lights up, plays music and custard splat sounds as the Teletubbies spin around and around as you take them on their journey. Each of the Teletubbies chairs can be unclipped so they can be played with separately. The tubby custard machine is great for the active Teletubbies fan, it will provide hours of fun as they pull it around the house. The tubby custard machine is suitable for ages 18 months + and is priced at £29.99.

Mr C loved playing with all our new Teletubbies toys and he is very excited to extend his collection on his birthday in February. I think his favourite is definitely his talking Dipsy, so I can see the rest of the collection heading our way in February. I can also see the Superdome playset making an appearacne to, you can see the whole collection on the Character Website. Also head over to twitter and enter #Teletubbiesareback and you will find all the other bloggers reviews. We all got different items so you can see the whole range!
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*I was provided with the above samples free of charge for the purposes of an honest review.
  1. I remember teletubbies when my kids where young.glad to see they have returned for more joyous fun for little ones.x comment under hubbys name.

  2. oh wow they are back then? my kids all watched them growing up and my eldest is now 26 and my youngest is 15. I love how the tubby custard machine is now a train

  3. Lots of great toys!


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