Spice up your January with Gousto Review

The chefs at Gousto are encouraging people up and down the country to ditch the diet detoxes and focus on spicing up their kitchen routines instead. Spices are the secret to culinary magic. Used well, they take dishes from ordinary to sublime and often have healing properties - they’re pretty much calorie-free, too. When we think spice, we often think heat. We hear people ask, ‘is it spicy?’, when they actually mean ‘is it hot?’ Spices can be sweet, warm and pungent too. If you’re a little spice shy then allow Gousto to open your eyes to a whole new world! Each week this January, Chef Alice will be featuring a different spice and, alongside a little info on its history, recommending Gousto recipes in which they shine. I am a bit of a spice a phone so I was interested in trying out these recipes and explaining my palette. I was sent a Gousto box containing 2 recipes, 1 of them being Turkish Lamb Bulgur which contains the spice Sumac.
Gousto is a subscription box that is delivered to your home, you choose from 10 different meals each week, you can choose up to 4 meals for between 2 and 4 people. The price is dependant on which and how many meals you choose. The box s then delivered to your door containing everything you need to make your chosen options. They are delivered by courier and the meat is in a cooled bag wth ice packs and wrapped in wool. My box contained 2 meals Jerk Chicken and Turkish Lamb Bulgur, both recipes come with instruction card which you can keep to make the dish again.
I really enjoyed the Jerk Chicken Meal and the recipe card was really easy to follow. The card shows you step by step what to do and how long things need to be cooked for. The cards are actually really good for anyone who is at the beginning of their cooking journey.
I absolutely hate kidney beans, so decided to leave the kidney beans out of the recipe. I loved how the rice tasted with the addition of spring onion and cinnamon, I would never have thought to flavour my rice before. You could really smell the aroma from all the spices in the jerk sauce, and it really got into the chicken as it cooked away in the pot.
I really enjoyed the dish and the sticky jerk sauce was amazing! At 938 calories per portion, it's not the healthiest, but it's definitely delicious!
I was excited to try the Turkish Lamb Bulgur as I am always looking for alternatives to regular rice and pasta and I have never tried harissa or sumac and love to try new things. I thought the harissa had a smell of aniseed to it and wondered if the flavour would be very overpowering in the food.
Again the recipe card was so simple to follow and the smells coming from the pan were amazing. I was impressed with the freshness of all of the ingredients and I like that you have a cook by date on the recipes. There were at least 4 days use on the ingredients which is good as it meant that I didn't have to cook it all as soon as I got it.
The lamb had a lovely spicy kick to it but then you got to the cooling yogurt and delicious bulgur. This is a dish I will definitely be making again. I love the idea of Gousto box and the fact they offer you the chance to try something out of the norm, but if your not a fan of spice or even trying something new, then worry not! You can choose your own menu from what are available that week and the variety is great. You can see this weeks options over on the Gousto Website.
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*I was sent the above recipe box FOC for the purposes of an honest review.
  1. Looks really good - i have thought about trying this a couple of times


  2. These recipes sound delicious especially the Turkish lamb bulgur

  3. Sounds lovely - I keep thinking of subscribing - it looks delicious

  4. Both of these sound right up my street & look amazing! I deffo need to look at ordering. =)

  5. I do wonder, what do you make if you get an aubergine?


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