Slimming World Week 23 Weigh In and Meal Plan

I missed last weeks Slimming World post, with it being Christmas and New Year I was having some well earned time off blogging. But last weeks weigh in was a spectacular gain, I managed to gain an impressive 7 whole pounds! Half a stone!! I was a little shocked at the gain, but I had a lovely time off plan with my family and I am 100% back on plan and determined to get rid of the Christmas gain.
This week I also achieved my Silver Body Magic award. Which means I have achieved 3 lots of 30 minutes of exercise over 3 -5 days. I have in fact been doing much more than this but I always forget to claim my Body Magic certificates.
After the previous weeks weigh in I was determined to be 100% on plan, but with New Year bank holiday thrown in I was off plan a fair bit. So I wasn't looking forward to tonight's weigh in, the only redeeming feature of the last week was 3 gym visits of 1 hour and a few speed days.
I hit the scales and was pleasantly surprised with a 2.5lb loss! Its really spurred me on to be 100% back on plan and carry on with my gym visits. I have set a target loss for this week of 3lbs, I really want to get back to my 2stone award I got before my Christmas gain.

I will be going to the gym 4 times this week and have planned 1 swim definitely and maybe 2 swims. I have also planned my meals for the week to keep me on track. My shopping is delivered on a Saturday so I will start there.
Sunday Lunch
Homemade Slimming World Quarter Pounders
Nacho Feast
5 Spice Pork and Rice
Slimming World Lasagne 
I decided to drag all my Slimming World magazines out and try some new recipes this week. So I am trying out the Nacho Feast and the Slimming World Lasagne. I plan to share all the recipes on the blog on the coming weeks so make sure you stay tuned.
This Weeks Result - minus 2.5 lbs
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 11.5 lbs
This Weeks Goal -  3lbs
  1. Well done on this week's loss. It's always a shame to put back on over Chrstmas but it's nice to have a break too. Love the sound of your recipes - who'd have thought such tasty food could be diet-friendly ?! xx

  2. congratulations on youre weight loss,im on a diet and worried about valentines and food.


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