Oxo Scales Review and Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe

When I joined Slimming World I thought my cake days were over, but I have recently discovered lots of yummy recipes. My usual cake making method is to chuck it all in and hope for the best, I have had to rethink my method as food needs to carefully weighed and measured. I realised I was missing a vital piece of kit....... weighing scales and the lovely people over at Oxo Uk kindly sent me their brand new Compact Food Scale for review.
The Oxo Good Grips Compact Food Scale is the perfect companion for me during my Slimming World journey. Most of the food I eat is completely free but there is a certain amount of measuring for my HEXA and HEXB choices, so the scale will be great help for that to. 
The weighing bowl handily clips onto the top of the scale when not in use, this is  a great feature for me as I am forever losing bits of equipment. The angles surface on the scale makes it really easy to read from above, and the sliding tab is easy to use. What I like about the sliding scale it that it is adjustable during use. So I can weigh our my flour, slide the scale back to 0 and the add my sweetener on top. Saves so much messing around emptying and reweighing. The scales weigh out up to 16oz/500g so its plenty big enough for the little jobs I need to do. The bowl is also dishwasher safe, I don't have a dishwasher and found that it rinses off really easily. The bowl is really smooth so your ingredients don't get caught on the corner. The compact scale retails at only £12 which is a great price! The first thing I put it to the test with is the lovely Slimming World Lemon Drizzle Cake recipe. The recipe is super easy and the oxo compact scale was perfect for weighing out the necessary ingredients.
2 Lemons
5 Eggs
45g Granulated Sweetener
50g Self Raising Flour
Measure out and add 30g of the sweetener and all 50g of the flour and add to a large mixing bowl
Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into the mix
Zest both lemons and add the zest to the mix
Separate the egg yolks from the whites and keep the whites to one side
Beat the egg yolks and stir into the mixture
Now whisk the egg whites until the form soft peaks
Fold into the mixture
Pour into a cake tin or loaf tin
Bake at 180C for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown
Now mix the juice of the second lemon with the remaining sweetener
Take cake out of the oven and let it cool for 5 minutes
Pour over the lemon juice and sweetener mix
Put bake in the oven for a further 10 minutes
Now its not like a cake you would normally have, but it is cake none the less. At 8 syns (just 1 syn per slice) for the whole thing its a really good substitute for the days you are really craving a piece of cake! Its totally delicious to.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the Oxo compact scales FOC for the purposes of an honest review.
  1. Oo this looks interesting, like you I thought cake days would be over but it seems not to be the case, shall be giving this a go in the following weeks

  2. Aww thankyou soooooo much for sharing this with us!
    I actually LOVE lemon cake. Slimming doesn't have to be boring hehe
    Thanks again I cannot wait to try this x

  3. Looks delicious! I love anything lemon!


  4. Love the scales so modern looking and versatile and the cake, wow! Love Lemon Drizzle cake!!!

  5. defo gonna try this CHERYL HADFIELD

  6. Fab post! the scales look great and the cake looks delicious and so easy to make! Katherine De Riera

  7. Im on a diet i thought my cake days where over. Thanks i shall be baking tommorow

  8. Great recipe LOVE baking! X x

  9. just love this super cake my fav

  10. Definitely gonna have a bash at this! ☺

  11. Going to try this today with a dollop of natural yoghurt!

  12. Love the look of the cake ... especially being so low on syns ... the OXO scales look good too .. pretty easy to use

  13. Ohh I am going to try this. Doesn't hurt to have a cake with less calories.

  14. looks and sound delicious definitely going to have to give this a go

  15. now that looks different ! I would imagine with 5 eggs the taste to be a cross between lemon cake and pancakes with sugar and lemon juice yummy


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