Keeping Warm This Winter

The temperature has really dropped in the last few days in Manchester and there is a whisper going around saying that it is going to snow! Now I am not the type of person who enjoys being cold, so here are my top 3 tips for keeping warm during this cold weather.
1. Wrap Up Warm
In this changeable weather the best way to get around the problem is to use layers. My boys have some lovely rain coats we got in September when the weather was nicer , we team this with a fleece and winter woollies and hey presto the perfect winter get up with out the need of splashing out on a new winter coat. Wearing layers also means that if the weather does suddenly perk up a bit them you can remove a layer.

2. Heat 1 Room Only
We have a 3 bedroom parlour type house, so when we have the heating on we are hearing every room in the house. This is a bit of a waste when we are all sat in the lounge, so just have one heat source. A mobile plug in radiator is just the job for saving on your gas bill to. You can even move it room to room with the addition of screw on legs. You can check out the available range by clicking here.

2.Stay In and Snuggle Up
There is honestly nothing better than a good old duvet day. We love nothing more then piling on our big corner sofa, finding a film and all snuggling under our duvet. You get some wonderful family time and you are all toasty under the duvet.
What are your best tips for for keeping toasty in this colder weather?
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*This is a collaborative post
  1. I love the stay in and snuggle up duvet day,we do this as well.The cold days have come now with a vengence.

  2. We woke up this morning to a sprinkling of snow!

    Kirsty Fox

  3. I'm a chilly sort who just loves to be warm and I'm very much appreciating the snuggly jumpers my family bought me for Christmas.

  4. The weather this winter is not so bad like previous years,we could all cut down this year turn heating of midday.

  5. its a must to keep warm in this cold weather it worries me that my elderly neighbors are often to scared to put their heating on due to rising prices , and it has gotten so cold

  6. We try and keep the heating down as low as possible so if we do feel cold we can turn it up a bit (OR wear more clothes) it's not such a shock coming in or going out then!


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