5 Things I hate about travelling with children

Cheap Holiday Land carried out a survey to find out what bugs us Brits on hoiday and they've made a fun slideshow widget of the results!

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Now I love a good holiday, but I absolutely dread the whole saga of getting to your final destination, especially when you have 4 children in tow. So I am going to share with you my 5 pet peevs of travelling with children.

1. Are We Nearly There Yet?
Honestly how many times do they have to ask this question! We haven't even got out of the car park and they want to know if we are nearly there yet! The same question then gets repeated at least every 5 minutes of the journey. When you have this in quadruple form it gets a little bit tedious!!

2. Toilet Fascination
No matter where we go or how we travel the children seem to have an attraction to the toilet. Now public toilets can be a bit grim, but on a train or plane they are particularly disgusting. They are usually covered in used toilet paper, wet floors and they stink, not that the kids are bothered! They still want to visit every 5 bloody minutes.

You're a parent, you know all about being prepared, so you pack a bag of snacks you know they will like. You even let them pick them out themselves, pack them into their own bags, they even argue over who gets what. Then as soon as your on your way they want the over priced junk they sell on the trolleys, and to save all hell breaking loose you begrudgingly pay £8 for 3 packets of crisp and bar of chocolate.

Travelling pre children was so easy, with my little cute suitcase I could sail through the airport looking all stylish. Now I look like a bag lady, a sweaty bag lady pulling all the cases while Daddy herds children.

5. Expense
The expense of travelling with children is astounding, when you factor in the out of pocket snacks Dick Turpin just robbed you for off the snack trolley, the fact that its cost you an extra £1000 to go in the school holidays and free child's places are limited to 1 per family, well you may as well just stay at home!!!!

Do you travel a lot with children? What do you love or hate about it? Leave me a comment and let me know.
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  1. Number 5 would be my number 1. Can't believe how expensive it is to take children during school holiday. Thanks goodness it wasn't as bad when I was growing up or we never would have gone anywhere, lol! xx

  2. lol, I remember when I was young, always asking my parents over and over again "are we there yet?" Don't worry when they have they're own kids, they'll be doing the same things to them haha :)

  3. This made me smile, been there, done that and got the T-shirt! I totally agree with everything you've listed but need to add Keeping them Occupied/Entertained! This can be MORE exhausting than then travelling alone! We used to go armed with Books, Crayons, Paper, Food, Games, etc. but that was NEVER enough!

  4. Haha i couldn't agree more!


  5. Travelling with children is challenging. I get as prepared as I can before travelling. Always need a good week to get over it :0)

  6. fab read , im taking my 3 grandchildren to florida in may its their forst plane journey and well lets just say i need all the help i can get :) but we are so excited

  7. We parents all go through the same,never mind when they get teenagers its a whole new ball game.

  8. maybe I was just lucky, but both my children were really good travelers. We lived abroad, so we had longish (6 - 9 hour) flights back & forth to Europe a couple of times per year, and we would often go away for an annual holiday to somewhere that also entailed flights. The kids were generally no problem - we kept them entertained with colouring, lots of games and stories. Likewise with long car journeys, we would play various word games or I spy to keep them amused.

  9. i don't mind travelling with the kids but I do agree about the horrible toilets

  10. My son usually sleeps in the car but travelling by train or bus is difficult as he get tired but won't sleep

  11. due my first child in 3 weeks so we have all this to come lol

  12. I trvelled from South Wales to Co Durham once a month from my son being 15 months, all I heard from him once he started to talk was "are we there yet?" He still does it at 25 when we travel together....sorry it doesn't get better!

  13. Yes I agree , I have all the same problems whilst travelling with children myself .. I especially think that number 5 is my biggest bugbear.. why can't famililies with kids also enjoy a nice family holiday without being penalised , our last holiday was in 2013 and it breaks my heart when the kids ask if we are going on holiday this year and I ust cannot afford it :(

  14. Although we don't travel often, when we have travelled it's usually long distance on an aeroplane or in a car. I can relate to all 5 things, however number 5 is the biggest pain of them all!


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