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I now have 4 children all in school uniforms, so its not cheap kitting them all out. So when I was offered the chance to review a full uniform selection from Trutex I said yes! I have never tried out their uniform before so I was interested to see how the quality compared. I was sent a set of uniform for Mr C to try out, jumper, shirt and trousers.
The first item, the jumper is super soft and 100% cotton. The v neck jumper has a thick knitted ribbed band round the bottom which is great for preventing shirt tails popping out, its nice and fitted but has a nice stretch to it so it won't lose shape. It is machine washable at 40 degrees. I got the navy jumper but it is also available in 6 other colours. The jumper is age 5-6 and is a really good fit on 4 year old Mr C and not too big, but some room to grow.
The 2nd item was a 2 pack of white short sleeved shirts, I always opt for short sleeve as my children don't like the fuss of long sleeves. They have the nice stiff collars, I prefer this type as the floppy ones don't sit right against Mr C's jumper. I love the feature of the top button, its on an extended piece of fabric, so it has that little extra stretch on it.
I love the trousers, they have an adjustable waist so they are perfect for children who like Mr C need the length but not necessarily the waist. The secured hem offers extra protection from fallen hemlines and the trouser in the size we got age 4 have an elasticated waist. Perfect for the younger boys who find zips tricky. I found the trousers we got ages 4 were true to size for Mr C and the perfect length. The material feels really good quality and the crease down the leg saves me time with the iron.
I am really pleased with Trutex uniform, its a really great all round fit and it looks really smart on Mr C. He is easily able to dress and undress himself, he doesn't find the buttons on the shirt too tricky, which is because the buttons seems a little larger and go into the holes easier. It has been through the washing machine at least 10 times already and still looks good as new.
As you can see from the pictures above the uniform also gets the thumbs up from my cheeky Mr C. See here to find your nearest Trutex School Uniform stockist.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the above samples FOC in exchange for an honest review.
  1. We used to buy school uniforms from Trutex. They were good quality and lasted the rigours of school-life well.

  2. its harder when you have to buy from a specific shop with school emblems embroidered on .It costs me a fortune!


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