The Barbie Malibu House

Miss S has a truly epic collection of Barbie dolls, she also has a Barbie on a horse and a Barbie car, but she didn't have anywhere real size for her poor Barbies to play. Her dolls house just didn't cut the mustard, Barbie is just too tall to play in there. Mattel have come to the rescue and sent the very lucky Miss S the ultimate in Barbie accessories, the Barbie Malibu House rrp £99.99 and suitable for ages 3 and over.
To be honest from a parents perspective I would be initially put off by the price tag, but on opening the box and seeing the quality and what you are getting for your spend, I would definitely recommend this for any Barbie fans collection. The house is a massive 22 inches high, 28 inches wide and spans 2 floors and an impressive stair case. The house does require building and took me about 10 minutes, all the pieces clicked in really easily. I love the plastic rods that are threaded down the hinges to keep the house together, it really strengthens the hinges and means it offers more robustness. There is also a sheet of stickers to attach, but the majority of the decoration is already on the house, just fishes and bubbles for the aquarium and some external flowers to apply after building. This was another parenting win for me as there is nothing I hate more than building and then having to spend hours sticking on millions of stickers.
Spread out over 6 rooms the Malibu house is jam packed with accessories to enhance your child's play experience. There are tables and chairs with the tiniest plates, cutlery and glasses on, the glasses and cutlery have little hooks on so your child can attach them to Barbie. There is a bowl on popcorn for chilling out in the den, a pizza and the all important telephone for calling all your Barbie friends. In the bathroom there is a toilet and sink with toothbrush, hand soap and toothpaste. I love that the sink unit and toilet click into the floor and stay put. In the bedroom you stand the bed up and the underneath is a fab wardrobe to store all your Barbie clothes, it even has Barbie coat hangers.
In the bedroom the bed comes with 2 perfectly pink pillows and a lovely soft bedspread for the bed. For the Barbie who cant stand the stairs in their heels, they can hop on the lift and admire the aquarium while you glide her up and down using the slider on the side of the house. In the snug there is a comfy bucket chair and tablet. The large purple framed TV is sure to entertain your Barbie and you can even unclip the frame and slide in your smart phone for a real TV experience. In the kitchen there is a fridge, oven and sink along with some more Barbie sized kitchen accessories.
You may have noticed from the measurements above that the Malibu house is quite large, but you can actually fold it away and make it half the size. Simply lift the upper floors, which are all on hinges and the house closes in on itself. The furniture can be all placed behind the hinged floors and you simply close with the hook on the outside. Everything is then perfectly placed away for next time.
Improving Miss S's imaginative play is high on our priory list, so any toy that helps with this is high on our wish list. The Malibu house is perfect and it gives her so many different scenarios to re-enact. Miss S really enjoyed the house and made full use of all the accessories. She particularly liked the bed and enjoyed moving Barbie in and out whilst saying "good morning Barbie" and "good night Barbie". The house kept her engaged for about 30 minutes which is a really long time for Miss S to play with a toy, so I was really impressed.
As soon as Miss S stepped away from the house Mr C was straight in there, he had been itching for a go since he saw it. He fully utilised all of the house, he is a much more avid player than Miss S and likes to investigate how everything opens, closes and moves. I think his favourite part was the moving lift on the stairs, he said the fishes are cool!  Mr C is 4 and could easily work the lift as well as open and close the house up.

All round my whole gang loved this house and I think its a great addition to our toy collection and will be well used. Its well made and provide hours of imaginative play opportunity, it closes up for easy storage and all the furniture can be placed inside. Its got amazing detail any any Barbie fan would be overjoyed to see it in their Christmas gift pile this year.
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*I was sent the above sample FOC for an honest review

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