Slimming World Weigh In Week 17 & 18

So I realised that I completely forgot to do my Slimming World weigh in last week, as it turned out I didn't have much to share anyway. I had a really good week apart from 1 day when I ate a lot of buffet food at my cousins birthday party. I was hoping it hadn't done me too much damage and was relived to see a maintain last week.
I was determined that this week was going to be better, but to be honest that all went to pot as soon as I got home from weigh in. I always have a treat on weigh day, but sadly it didn't end there for me, the treats carried on for the whole week. All my meals were 100% on plan, but my evening chocolate cravings were out of control. I was powerless to fight it this week and gave in.
I headed to weigh in tonight telling myself as long as I haven't gained more than 3lbs I would be happy, it would out me so far back of I gained so much.
By some small miracle I have only gained half a pound!! I think this is because although my snacking was of plan, my meals were all 100% on plan, jammed packed with speed foods and I also went swimming 3 times last week. I also met my step goal for each day thanks to school run.
I feel I have now got the binge eating back out of my system again, I am only 3.5lbs away from my 2 stone award. This is exactly what I have set my goal at this week, I am determined to hit that next week and get my weight loss back on track before Christmas.
This Weeks Result - plus 0.5lbs
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 10.5lbs
This Weeks Goal -  3.5lbs

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