Slimming World Week 20 & 21

Well life got a little busy last week and I completely forgot to write my Slimming World post. But to be honest it wasn't much to write home about! I had been off plan for 3 of the 7 days and the other 4 days I was way over my daily syn allowance. My head just wasn't in it, I was feeling really sorry for myself and didn't even manage any exercise. If I am honest I had a week of being a greedy lazy cow! It really showed on the scale with a disappointing 2lbs gain!
This Weeks Result - plus 2lbs
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 13lbs
This Weeks Goal -  2lbs
I left weigh in with my tail between my legs and determined to do better! On the plus side my gym reopened on Saturday and I took full advantage but visiting as much as possible. It felt good to be working out again and on 2 occasions I broke my personal record on the treadmill. So I can see my physical fitness improving which is great. If I am honest I had a 50/50 week on the food train. Most of my meals were on plan but there was lots of naughty snacking, the house is so full off naughty food and I was powerless to stay away!! I was a little apprehensive going to weigh in tonight, but was pleasantly surprised with......
Everyone had really good losses tonight, which was great and it was also the groups tasting session. Its great to taste what everyone else is making, I tried some lovely quiche, slimming world chips and a pepper and cottage cheese dip. I know this week isn't going to be good food wise, but its Christmas so I am not going to stress about it. I'm not going to stuff myself but if I fancy a chocolate I'm going to have a chocolate. All my meals will be on plan and I am going to the gym to I am hopeful of a maintain when I weigh in on December 28th.
This Weeks Result - minus 3lbs
Total Weight Loss - 2 stone 2lbs
This Weeks Goal -  Maintain

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