Slimming World Week 19 Weigh In

The weeks seem to be flying by now and Christmas is fast approaching! I had set a target of 3 stone weight loss by Christmas weigh in! I think I am going to be a little behind that if I am honest, but I wont be letting that put me off, as long as the weight continues to come off I am satisfied.
Last week I set a target of 3.5lb, it was a high target for the week but I really wanted it as it would get me my 2 stone badge. To ensure I hit what I wanted this week I went completely back to basics, logging all food in my diary, drinking plenty of water and ensuring my syns were kept low. I scrapped the 3 quarters rule and ensured y plate was half full of speed food. I was hoping the more speed you choose the more you lose rule would get me there.

Even when I have been good I dread weigh in day, I don't weigh in till 5pm Monday evening and the day really drags. I live really close to group so I am usually really early to, which means even more anticipation waiting for the weigh in to begin.
I was really chuffed with this weeks -4.5lbs and I think it shows if you are honest and stick to it the bigger losses are achievable. It has really spurred me on and I am only 5lbs away from my next award of 2 and a half stone. Its half a stone less than I wanted by Christmas, but still a massive achievement for me.
The loss meant I got my much wanted 2 stone certificate, but it also meant I got my Club 10 certificate as I have now lost an amazing 10% of my original body weight. I am really excited to carry on my journey and really excites to be inside the next stone bracket, which I haven't seen for over 5 years!
See You Next Week
Sim's Life
  1. Well done you, that's amazing ! - you should feel very proud of yourself :) Cheryl xxx

  2. Brilliant!! Reading your posts is making me think that maybe I should consider going back to Slimming World in the New Year - hope the rest of your month goes well


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