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You may have seen our review of Shopping List last month, well I am excited to bring you another review of a fab game from Orchard Toys. As with all Orchard games it comes in a sturdy cardboard box so it's perfect for taking out and about and the games prices are make of great strong board that don't bend or peel easily.
The game Robot Run is priced at £7.50 and suitable for ages 3+ and you can play with between 2 and 4 players. The box contains 40 different robot cards, divided into 4 colors, red, blue, green and yellow. There are 10 different types of robots, so one in each colour. There is also a rainbow paint brush card, which can be used as any robot and any colour card during play.
The set up of the game is really easy, each player is dealt 5 cards face up and the remaining cards placed in a pile, with 1 card turned over. The youngest player goes first and they have to see if they can match the robot or the colour of the robot that has been placed down. If they can go they put their card on top, if they cant they have to take a card from the pile and add it to their line up of cards. The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards.
It really didn't take Mr C long to get the just of this game, although there were a few times when I had to question his decision about not being able to take a turn. Its a great game for practising observational skills, colour recognition and it's great for matching and sorting skills. It really got Mr C thinking and studying his robot cards to see if they were the same as the one on his cards.
Aside from playing the game I have been using these cards to further develop Miss S's skills, they are great for giving her to sort into types and colour piles. She does a lot of that type if thing at school, so its great to be able to do some at home with her. Its also great for prompting speech from her as I can ask her about colours and shapes.
So Robot Run is another Orchard Toys hit in our house, make sure you pop on over to the website and take a look at all the other titles in the range.
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*I was sent the above sample FOC for the purposes of review

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