#ChristmasGiveaway Winners

So the first 11 Christmas Giveaways are now over and I had the fun task of getting all the winners details today! You will get an email and a tweet but if you see your name you are a winner!
The winner of the Hexichew from Chewigem is Sarah Stevens 
The Winner of the Personal Planner is Heather Haigh
The winner of the BeeGood Products is Claire Ward
The Winner of the Beanies Mini Stash is Jo Welsh
The Winner of the oxo baking items is Keri Jones
The winner of shopping list from Orchard Toys is Jamie Gallant
The Winner of the Letter Box Cake from Baker Days is Hayley Lynch
The winner of the chillipeeps is Karl Borowy
The winner of the 2 bottle win basket is Kerry Pope
The winner of the Christmas puzzle is Michelle O'Neill
The winner of the beauty kitchen items is Kay Panayi

Thanks to all that entered, head over to the Christmas Tab were there are more giveaways live.

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