Cheese Posties

I have a big love of subscription boxes, there is nothing better than coming home and fining a nice surprise through your letter box. The latest box I am reviewing may sound strange to some, but its perfect for me and the hubby. Cheese Posties are a weekly subscription box priced at £3.99 that drop through your post box every week. You have the option of a Tuesday/Wednesday, Thursday/Friday or monthly delivery.
Inside the box is everything you need to make a yummy cheese toastie, including a reusable toasty bag. The contents all come vacuum packed and must be popped in the fridge when they arrive until it is used. It can can stored for upto 24 hours. When you order you answer a couple of questions about your preferences and then your ready to go. There is a choice of sweet or savoury and some of the flavours available are pepperoni pizza, white choc bomb and pepperoni pizza.
The first cheese postie to be tried by the hubby was Fight In A Farmyard, which was goats cheese and bacon flavoured jam. Each box comes with instructions on how to make, but its really simple, pop on the filling, butter the outside of the bread and pop into the toaster bag. You the toast for 3-5 minutes or until the cheese is all bubbly. The hubby didn't love this one, he found the goats cheese to be a really string flavour, to string for him.
The 2nd cheese postie we got to try was the super yummy jaffa cake toastie. With mascarpone cheese, dark chocolate and zingy marmalade it was a winner from the start. The combination of the cheese and melted chocolate was AMAZING and it really did taste like a warm jaffa cake! It was a winner here, I think we will definitely favour the sweet options in future.
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*I was sent the above 2 items FOC for an honest review
  1. Such a shame. I'm not a massive fan of toasties. This subscription box is definitely different though. :-)


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