The Buddy Box from Blurt It Out

I am someone who has never suffered from depression personally, I am truly thankful for that but I have supported many friends and family through their depressions. So I have a little understanding of it. Sometimes all you can do it be there, no amount of words can help sometimes, but I always wanted them to know I am there for them. The Blurt Foundation want to increase awareness and understanding of depression, check out their website for lots of information.
The blurt foundation has created these fab Buddy Box subscriptions priced at £21.50 per month. The perfect gift to send to a friend who could do with a little perk up. The box contains 5 surprise items each month, carefully selected to make someone smile.
I love the cactus notebook (rrp £3.50), perfect for scribbling those all important notes in, shopping lists and it will last a while with 40 pages. The bobino slim pen (rrp £5) comes with a great stick tab on the back, you attach that to the inside of your notebook and you will never lose your pen again! The amount of time I have spent looking for a pen when I needed one! There was also a variety of postcards in the box, my favourite one being the one you write a thoughtful message on and leave somewhere for a stranger to find, lovely idea.
The make your own felt cactus (rrp £7.99) is perfect for the friend who needs to keep their hands busy. It contains everything you need to make a cute felt cactus. As soon as I opened the buddy box I could smell the lovely Beauty On The Beach Soap (rrp £4.99), its woodland bluebell and smells amazing. The last item in the a pair of soft and cosy Seasalt Sailor Socks(rrp £6). The retail price of items in the box cost more than the subscription, but honestly its not the price that's important, its the thought and putting a little happiness into somebody else's day.

What do you think of this idea, do you have a friend who would benefit from a little happiness through their door?
*I was sent the buddy box for an honest review.
  1. Great idea - sort of thing I should receive, though, rather than send :-)


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