Snowflake Brownie From Gousto

We love doing a bit of baking and getting the children involved, we usually make cupcakes or cookies, something really simple and easy. They are our go to recipes but this is because frankly I haven't really tried anything else with them. I have been given the opportunity to try out the lovely Snowflake Brownie kit, which can be added to your Gousto order for £6.95 and is the perfect stocking filler for your little ones.
The kit contains all the dry ingredients you need to make a beautiful brownie with the kids, the only thing you need to add is some butter and an egg, thing that we all have in the fridge.
Everything comes in neat little packages ready to be opened and used and they are all clearly labelled. I love that there is no weighing and measuring and the children can read the easy recipe card and see what they need to add next. Also in the box is a handy butter ruler, so your child can measure out the butter themselves. There is even a fun activity for the children to do whilst the brownie is cooking in the oven.
I got Mr D (aged 8) to assist in the Brownie making, he is chief helper when it comes to baking. He said his favourite bit was smushing the butter in with the sugar, he said its really sticky and gooey. He was able to follow the recipe by himself and just got on with it and did it all himself. He really enjoyed feeling like he was baking all by himself. 
He made a little bit of a mess mixing all the ingredients, but he definitely had fun and kept on sneaking little bits of the chocolate chips while he was mixing! He wasn't to keen on helping to clean up whilst the Brownie was baking, so he got busy doing his word search and I cut out the snowflake.
You are supposed to lay the cut out snowflake on top if your cooked brownie and sprinkle over the icing sugar. Mr D however wanted to be a little different and wanted his brownie to have a white snowflake on. His reasoning being that snowflakes are white, so that's what we did!
He was really pleased with the result and he said it tasted delicious, he was very proud to show it iff to his siblings and let them taste his creation.
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  1. That looks very tasty and very seasonal, what a nice idea for a festive brownie.

  2. These look good and fun to make with the kids

  3. yummy! love browines! perfect addition to any Christmas party table xx

  4. very good idea,ready weighed no fussing add a few things and hey presto lovely cakes

  5. How cool is that? I love Gousto

  6. Looks brilliant - love all the wee packets!



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