Slimming World Week 16 Weigh In

I seem to be in the 1.5 lbs club again this week, but I'm just thankful I had a loss this week. I have had a couple of weeks of not being so good, a few days off the wagon and not drinking my water allowance fully. I also had a sneaky McDonalds! I have however kept my body magic up with 3 gym and swim sessions, I actually love the gym more than I could ever have imagined. I have also managed to increase my swim times, with 25 length in 30 minutes, when I started it was taking my 40 minutes to do 22 lengths.
Due to all my gym and swim sessions I earned myself my Bronze Body Magic certificate this week. I also won the club raffle, which was a lovely fruit basket overflowing with fruit and some lovely Slimming World Fridge Magnets. I am now only 3lbs away from my 2 stone badge and only 4lbs away from my Club 10 badge. It would be great to get them both on next weigh in, but so not to put too much pressure on myself I set a lower target.
This Weeks Result - minus 1.5lbs
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 11lbs
This Weeks Goal -  2lbs

Sim's Life
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  2. Well done, it can be hard sometimes but it always help to see the end goal. You are doing fantastic!

  3. Well done, especialy on the exercise, I find fitting that in so difficult - and I know I'm not drinking enough either. Good luck for the coming week

  4. wow congrats my fiancee seems to go up then down then up


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