Slimming World Week 15 Weigh In

Last week I set a goal loss of 3lbs, with 3 speed days, at least 3 litres of water a day, plenty of green tea and limiting carbs. I did really well sticking to those goals Monday - Friday and then came the weekend, which is when I always struggle. This weekend my sister was visiting, but I managed to be quite restrained and only had a few Pringles and a little Hotel Chocolat.

My other November goal was to ensure I went swimming at least twice a week, I started that plan on Monday and headed of swimming. I actually beat my personal best and swam 22 lengths in 45 minutes, this really spurred me on. So much so as we left the pool, I booked a gym induction!! I have never set foot in a gym before and was nervous for the induction.
As it turned out I needn't have worried, everyone was too busy working out to care about me sweating in the corner!! I had jelly legs and was sweating like a pig when I left, but I felt really good and after my induction I managed another 2 gym and swim sessions before weigh in Monday.

It looks like the gym paid off as even with my weekend mini binge I still lost 1.5lbs, so I was quite pleased with that and I am only 4.5lbs away from my 2 stone target, Club 10 and my interim target.
This Weeks Result - minus 1.5lbs
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 9.5lbs
This Weeks Goal -  2lbs
Sim's Life
  1. Well done keep up the good work I go to slimming world and find it really helpful to motivate me

  2. So close to your next target! That is fantastic and you are doing so well! Setting little goals along the way really does help! Glad you enjoyed the gym induction. I was nervous at first but you soon realise that no-one bats and eyelid (unless you are going hell for leather on the weights and are grunting oddly)! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you are having a good week! Sim xx

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