Slimming World Week 14 Weigh In

I knew this weeks weigh in would not bring me a loss! So I was relived to see when I went to weigh in that I had stayed the same as last week. A maintain is always better than a gain I always say.
I had a really relaxed week last week, the majority of my meals were on plan. I had a whole day off plan during our day out to Gullivers World with teh children. It was a fantastic day out and I didnt feel guilty for having a full day off. 
Another bump in the road came on Halloween, we bought lots of sweets for the trick or treaters and hardly anyone arrived. This ended with me dipping my fingers into the sweetie jar more than once during the night.
I did 3 speed days during the week, so I was hoping this would mean a maintain, so I was really pleased to get it!
I am planning on a really good week this week, with 3 speeds days, 3 litres of water per day, 6 cups of green tea per day and only one portion of potatoes/rice/pasta per day.
I have also set my November goals for the month ahead.
This Weeks Result - Maintain
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 8lbs
This Weeks Goal -  3lbs
  1. Well done on your maintain & good luck with your November goals

  2. Great goals - I should focus more on things that I can control like exercise or water intake than the numbers on the scales. I'll have to investigate speed days - they sound like they really work too :)

  3. your doing amazing hun Cheryl hadfield

  4. Keep it up - my wife usually starts, with me running her to meetings, then tapers off (just being weighed and leaving), and then stops


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