Slimming World Syn Free Chicken Fajita's

One thing I was scared of when joining Slimming World was missing out on all my favourite meals. But 3 months in it turns out I needn't have worried, 90% of the meals we all eat can be adapted to be Slimming World friendly. I am sharing with you today the recipe for my favourite fajitas recipe, this can be easily adapted to use your favourite meat, for me it just has to be chicken!
You Will Need
2 Peppers colours of your choosing
2 Medium red onions
2/3 Chicken fillets
1 Teaspoon of cumin
1 Teaspoon Paprika
2 Fresh red chillies
Juice of 1 lime
15 cherry tomatoes
Handful of chopped coriander
1. Cut your chicken into chunks or strips whichever you prefer
2. De-seed and finely slice your peppers
3. Peel and finely slice your onions
4. Spray a large pan with fry light add the onions, peppers, chicken, lime juice and spices and fry for 5-8 minutes.
5. Prepare the salsa by adding the cherry tomatoes, chilli, coriander and juice of lime to a blender and blitz.
Its one of the quickest meals I know, 5 minutes to prepare and about 10 minutes to cook! It is delicious, you can make it completely syn free if you serve it with a simple side salad.
If you fancy suing some syns you could have it with stand and stuff tacos for 3 syns each or you could use a wholemeal pitta or roll as your healthy extra b choice.
  1. Looks good - wouldn't know it was 'diet food' :-)

  2. This is the sort of food I love, looks really tasty.

  3. Thanks for this, these looks so yummy, I'll be trying them out on my family.

  4. Looks great. Makes me very hungry. :-) x

  5. These look delicious. I've got to make some soon x

  6. sounds delicious -might incorporate it into my own slimming regime

  7. really looks mouth watering and even tastier when its guilt free have to try it

  8. This looks yummy, will be trying this soon, thank you!

  9. I'm on Slimming World too - I do the same thing and mix the whole lot with cooked rice or serve with with potato wedges - still free but you get the carb element too. A dollop of fat free fromage frais on the side is nice too.

  10. This looks yummy will have to try this love your blog :)

  11. This looks delicious, shall have to give it a go

  12. Love chicken fajitas. Easy and quick to make and full of flavours.

  13. Fabulous recipe thank you for sharing :) X x

  14. This looks yummy and just up my street :)

  15. Looks so easy to make and delicious too


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