#SandsAliveFun with John Adams Toys

There is nothing we love more than a bit of therapeutic messy play (but not so messy that Mum has to spend hours cleaning it up!) Sands Alive from John Adams is the perfect solution for kids who love messy play and Mums (like me) who hate cleaning it up!
We have been sent 2 great sets to try out, the Sands Alive Classic set and the Sands Alive Animal Set, the sand is really soft and easy to mould. It just moulds in your hands and forms really easily and the sand will never dry out, so its a great play investment.
Both sets come with a dedicated tray for the sand to sit in, its made of rigid moulded plastic and has great high sides to keep the sand in and not on the floor! The classic set comes with a cone, a cube, a sphere and a cylinder. The cylinder and sphere split into 2 pieces so can be used to make 3d shapes. The animal set comes with 3d moulds for a monkey, elephant, lion and a roller with animal footprints on. You can purchase these and lots more sets from the John Adams Website with prices starting at £14.99.
Mr C (aged 4) was the perfect candidate to test these Sands Alive kits out for me, he is very creative and loves to make and do. He was very excited to see that there was sand, its usually a huge no-no in our house, the children understand Mummy is a neat freak! He wasted absolutely no time in digging his hands right in and getting busy. He really likes filling the mould with the sand and that the sand holds together when he removes the mould. There is nothing worse than a disappointed child and a crumbled sandcastle. He really enjoyed the 3d animal moulds, he did have a little trouble separating the moulds to get his models out. But with a little practise he cracked it. 
Mr C said he likes the magic sand as its all squishy and feels soft, I have to agree with him the sand almost feels silky. From a parents point of view its a real value for money items as the sand ever dries out and I found the pieces that were on the floor just bunched together and easy to scoop up of the floor. Mr C loved his creations and spent about an hour crumbling his models and re making them. He loved the animal print roller, its great for squashing down the sand and making it flat before storing away. You do however have to ensure that you store the right way up, so it doesn't spill. From a parents point of view the only tiny issue I have is there is no lid or reusable storage bag to scoop the sand back into. Aside from this we both love it and highly recommend it, your little one will have hours of fun.
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*I was sent the above samples for the purposes of an honest review.
  1. I really like the look of that....It looks fantastic fun!

  2. This looks excellent, I don't think the kids would get a look in.

  3. Bringing the seaside indoors! Love it!

  4. I've seen an advert for this and I do think it looks a good kit - kids would love it.

  5. I have no idea whether Hell exists, but if it does, it'll have sand - I hate the stuff!


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