Quick Chicken Pasta Syn Free

Now the weather has changed I have been looking for some warm but quick lunches to get me through until dinner time. There is only so many jacket potatoes I can eat and I'm not really in the mood for salad on a cold day! I gave this warm chicken pasta a go and its so yummy and fills a spot in your cold belly.
You will need
Half a bag of ready cooked chicken strips
Pasta of your choosing
1 tin of sweetcorn
4 spring onions
1 yellow pepper
2 carrots
1. Pop your chicken on to warm (the ready cooked version from Iceland can be heated in the oven for 5 minutes or the microwave for 2 minutes
2. Put pasta on to cook 
3. Empty corn into a pan
4. Chop the spring onions, chopped peppers and grate the carrot
5. Add the chopped veggies to the pan with the corn and put on to heat for 5 minutes
6. Drain veggies and pour into a large mixing bowl with the cooked chicken and pasta.
Serve and enjoy! The perfect warm meal for these cold autumn days. It can easily be adapted for the summer to, just don't heat the veggies and serve as a cold salad! Most importantly this is syn free, you can add some lighter mayo or salad cream to it if you fancy.
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  1. You must have read my mind - this is exactly the problem I had today! Had jacket potato yesterday, didn't want one again (plus we're almost out of potatoes...), didn't fancy salad because it was too cold...but I did fancy pasta, this would have been perfect! I'll probably be trying it tomorrow!

  2. Looks reallly tasty. I can't fancy salad either when the weather is cold.

  3. Sounds so yummy thanks for this post will Deffo try amongst others :)

  4. I've tried pasta sweet corn and tuna mixed with light mayo which I love but this looks another healthy option :)

  5. This looks lovely and so easy. Might have to do this while I'm solo parenting for two weeks.

  6. this looks yummy i will have to try it x

  7. This looks soooo nice! I might make that for lunch tomorrow!

  8. this looks lovely deffo going to give it a try

  9. This is perfect to go with a jacket potato, thank you for sharing

  10. Your recipes are so inspiring always look delicious

  11. We took this out with us on Sunday, perfect for a picnic

  12. This looks lovely thanks for sharing x


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