Keeping Hydrated With Bobble

Since joining Slimming World 3 months ago, I have been on a mission to increase my water intake. Its always been my down fall and source of my constant headaches, not drinking enough. My daily fluids would be about 3 cups of tea, a least half a litre of diet coke and water was scarce! Not a lot is it, its no surprise I was feeling so tired and run down. Anyone who knows me will tell you, if you bumped into me and asked how is was, my reply would be tired!
When I joined Slimming World it was about transforming no just my diet, but my entire way of life. To accompany the Slimming World plan it is suggested to drink at least 2 litres of water per day. I have been trying to have a minimum of 3 litres a day, 6 green teas and only 1 500ml can of diet soda. In all honesty I rarely have time for my 1 can of soda as I spend all my time supping water, now it tastes so good! My issue with drinking water from the tap is it tastes awful and buying bottled water all the time is costly and fills my recycling bin really quickly. Step in bobble.........................
The bobble water bottle is a stylish and smart way to make every drop of water you drink better. Its reusable and filters water as you drink, as water passes through the carbon filter, chlorine is removed which makes it taste better, crisp and clean. The carbon filter equates to 300 single serve water bottles, over a year that equates to over 1000 empty water bottles that you are saving from the environment. The bottle is bpa free, free of pthalates and PVC, when your filter is done you can just replace it, no need to get a new bottle, unless you want to of course!
I have been trying out the 550ml lime carry cap bobble for the past few weeks. It has a handy loop carry handle built into the soft touch cap. The cap is silicone so it slides easily on and off, the bottle has a great sports cap that pulls open. I like the PVC bottle its flexible, so I can give it a squeeze when I'm drinking, I dislike hard rigid bottles.
If you follow me over on instagram you can see my new bobble has been by my side through all parts of the day. It really helped me keep my intake up, I can refill it 6 times and have done my 3 litres a day target. The bottle costs £9.99, I spend around £3 per week on a crate of bottled water, so in less than a month I would have paid for the bottle and have change to spare!
The lime carry cap is just one if the range supplied by bobble, there is different sizes 550ml or 1 litre and also the bobble sport and bobble jug. The replacement filters are £5.99 for a single or £9.99 for a double pack. I already have my eye on the bobble sport for the gym and my hubby is desperate for one, no he has seen mine!
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*I was provided with this sample FOC
  1. That seems like a really handy bottle. I do hate the taste of unfiltered tap water and it does put me off drinking enough water.

  2. This never occurred to me with my headaches. I think I might see if I can drink more water. Thank you for writing this blog post x

  3. Oh lovee these bottles the look really good

  4. Great post, really thinking of getting one of these now!

  5. This looks like a great bottle thanks for this fab post x

  6. Great post - something I definitely need

  7. Going to buy one of these to take with me when I go dog walking

  8. This has got me thinking about drinking more water, I know I drink far too much coffee, I need to get a bottle to encourage me to drink more water


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