How To Help Your Autistic Spectrum Child Book

Over half a million people in Britain are somewhere on the autistic spectrum. It can be devastating for a parent to discover that their child has an ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) and even tougher helping them to cope with life. I know when Mr L was diagnosed I didn't even know what ASD was and struggles to cope emotionally. Many books will tell you the latest theories about what causes ASD, but what parents really want to know is how to get a decent night's sleep, or stop their child flapping their arms, or find some time for their other children. With 3 children on the spectrum these are all things I tried to find the answers to and sometimes there was no definitive answer.
How To Help Your Autistic Spectrum Child is filled with practical tips and advice for parents, including:
  • Strategies for dealing with day-to-day scenarios such as difficulties with eating, sleeping and time keeping
  • Coping emotionally and getting support as a parent
  • Preparing for school, including advice on relationships with teachers and classmates and weighing up mainstream school against other options
  • Information about programmes and schemes to help ASD children
The authors Jackie Brealy and Beverly Davies explain, “A lot has changed in the 10 years since our book was first published. Books such as the bestselling The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, television programmes and feature articles have helped to raise awareness of the autistic spectrum.
However, awareness is one thing, understanding and tolerance are quite different. Things are still very difficult for many parents of children on the autistic spectrum – and that is where the advice in this book comes in.”

My 3 ASD children cover all different parts of the wide spectrum, even as much as 8 years post diagnosis I still don't know it all. It can affect our family and relationship so much, I especially enjoyed the chapter that focuses on how ASD affects these aspects. I also enjoyed communication chapter as most of you know Miss S is predominately non verbal.

I would definitely recommend this book to other ASD families it is packed full of useful information and tips. The book is available for £12.99 from White Ladder Press, just hit the clickable link above to purchase your copy.
  1. My son has recently been diagnosed with asberges so this sounds like a good read for us

  2. Still waiting for diagnosis but finding things very difficult and lonely


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