Could Formolline Help You?

If you read my post A Little Helping Hand a few weeks back, you will know I have been on a trial of Formolline. Just a little recap if you didn't see it, Formolline L112 is a weight management tablet that helps to reduce excess weight by reducing calorie intake from dietary fats. They also will assist long term weight control and help to lower LDL cholesterol levels. It contains ployglucosamine, a natural fibre that attracts the fat in your food, reducing the amount you digest. As fatty foods have twice the calories of high carb foods, reducing the fat you eat is the healthiest way of losing weight and keeping weight off. Formolline should be taken as part of a healthy balanced diet. You take 2 tablets with at least 250ml of water and with a main meal as a weight reduction programme and just 1 tablet for weight management.
I have been taking 2 tablets a day for the past month and as my last post stated I lost 3lbs for the first 2 weeks, for the past 2 weeks I have lost 1.5lbs each week. If you compare it to my normal losses I have there isn't much difference. This is probably because my diet is so healthy now. There isn't much dietary fat in my actual diet, I have a lot of fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish. I can see for someone who has more dietary fats in their diet it would work so much better.
Here are my 4 weeks weigh ins before I started the Formolline course
Loss of 2.5lbs
Gain of 1lbs
Loss of 2.5lbs
Gain of 1lb
Total Loss 5lbs
These are my 4 weigh ins whilst taking Formolline
Loss of 3lbs
Loss of 3lbs
Loss of 1.5lbs
Loss of 1.5lbs
Total Loss 9lbs
A box of Formolline contains 48 tablets, this is enough for a 24 day supply and they are priced at around £20 a box, dependant on where you purchase. As you can see if you average it out over the 4 weeks I have taken Formolline I have lost 4lbs more by taking Formolline, so if you want to lose that little extra they can be a worthwhile investment.
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*I was sent Formolline to try FOC for an honest review

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