Barbie Dance & Spin Ballerina

We have been sent the fab Barbie for Miss S to try out from Mattel, the Dance & Spin Ballerina Barbie retails at £19.99. She is suitble for children ages 3 and up, so she is perfect for the younger Barbie doll fan and she is really simple to use.
Dance the day away with this Barbie® twirling ballerina doll that brings performance and possibilities to life! You control the choreography, choosing when the beautiful prima ballerina spins. Simple and magical, the mechanism is easy to work. Clip the pink wand, adorned with a fairytale icon, to the waist of the doll, and press down -- Barbie® doll bends into a classic plié, and her body spins gracefully, causing her skirt to float and flow. 
Barbie has a stunning pink and blue tulle skirt, which floats perfectly around when she spins and turns. I like that the outfit it attached permanently to the doll, which means it cannot be lost. Miss S has a thing for taking her dolls clothes off and losing them, so I am pleased this one stays in one piece. Barbie has a long high pony tail which floats around when she twirls. The pink wand easily clips onto Barbie's waist so you can make her spin. To make Barbie spin you push down on the wand and release and she effortlessly glides around, her right leg lifts up and her skirt swirls.
Miss S has delayed motor skill development and her hand movements can be quite clumsy, but she didn't have a problem using this Barbie. She was easily able to clip the wand on and off, she also found it easy to push down and make Barbie spin. The doll is very sensory appealing for her, she likes the tulle shirt and the smoothness of the moulded plastic corset. She wasn't to happy she couldn't take the dolls skirt off, but she soon forgot about that and carried on spinning her. She really enjoyed this Barbie, its simple to use but gives so much pleasure. It definitely gets a big thumbs up from both of us, a must have for your Barbie fan this Christmas.
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*We were sent the above sample FOC for the purposes of an honest review
  1. love Barbie, never to old for playing with barbies CHERYL HADFIELD

  2. My daughter loved Barbie when she was younger


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