The Clangers Home Planet Playset

You may remember back in July I gave you a sneaky peek of some of the new Clangers toys on the market and promised more in the future. Well there has been a bit of a delay, but I have finally got some more to show you and just in time if you are planning Christmas gift ideas.
There is a collection of 20 Clangers products available from Character Online and we have been sent 2 of them to try. We have been sent the fab Clangers Home Planet Playset rrp £24.99 and the Clangers family figure pack rrp £9.99 which are perfect for use with the playset. Both products are suitable for children ages 3 and up due to small parts. They are must have items for any Clangers fan this Christmas time.
The Home Planet Playset it a one piece Playset made of good solid plastic, I do love a toy that comes in once piece, less chance of losing any of it and no construction required before play can begin. The Playset comes with a telescope, hammock and granny Clanger figure. The telescope can be placed in various different places around the playset. Hidden under the dustbin lid is a secret slide that all the clangers can slide down. There is also the baby soup dragon, press the white button behind his head and he pops up. The 5 set of figures are a perfect accompaniment to the Playset and lets your child have as much imaginative play as they like with the whole Clanger family. A good parenting plus point is this set requires absolutely no batteries!
Its a great set for some imaginative play opportunity and Mr C really loves it, he has loved the Clangers since it came back to our screens in June and watched every episode. He loves to play with toys related to programmes he has watched. Its the perfect size for his little hands and he was easily able to use all the functions. He particularly liked the slide and moving the telescope around, it was lovely to see him interacting and making up stories about the Clangers. The playset offers some great sensory play opportunities thanks to its multi feel surface, there are bumps, steps, smooth ridges and hard corners. Miss S really likes the feel of it and also spent some time playing with the set.
Its gone down a storm in our house and it will definitely be well played with, if you pop over to the highlighted link above you can see the other items in the collection. They are available to buy direct from the Character Website.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the above items FOC for the purposes of an honest review.

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