Slimming World Weigh In Week 13

I had a really good week last week, I had set myself a very high target of a 4lb loss and wanted to make sure I got it. I want to stay on track for a 3 stone loss by Christmas and after a few dodgy weeks had a few pounds to make up.
I made sure I did 3 Speed Days this week and by the 2nd day I was dying for some pasta or potatoes, but managed to resist. I kept on repeating to myself " The More Speed You Choose, The More You Lose"
I rewarded myself with a steaming bowl of meatball pasta on Friday and it was soo good. My fitness level is definitely improving, and my FitBit really helps me stay motivated to keep moving.

I headed to tonight's weigh in knowing I would get the 2lb I needed for my stone and half award, and hoping to hit the 4lb target I had set...... This week I lost 3lbs!
So I got my award, I didn't hit the target I set, but I will happily take the 3lb loss! I have started to notice the changes in the way I look and I have officially binned the clothes that no longer fir me, as I will NEVER wear them again! I am officially 2 clothes sizes down and this picture from this week made me notice how much weight I have lost.
My neck has gotten smaller and my chin is definitely smaller, I have always hated having my photo taken, but am slowly getting used to it. See you next week.
This Weeks Result -3lbs
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 8lbs
This Weeks Goal -  3lbs
  1. WOOHOO!! Well done lovely! I helped on the weighing in side at our group the other week - I was so excited when people got their awards but it was really hard to know what to say when they had gained :(

  2. woohoo go you ! and yes, you really can see a difference :) well done on such a fab week xx

  3. Congratulations on your milestone!

  4. Well done on a fab loss this week and hitting your stone and a half target! I have no idea what speed days are but can imagine you totally enjoyed the meatball pasta! The difference in your pics is amazing - you look stunning lovely! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday - hope you can join in this week! Sim xx


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