Slimming World Low Syn Lunches

I have been on the Slimming World plan for 13 weeks now and have lost a total of 1 stone and 8 pounds in total. When I started I stuck to lots of salads and pasta dishes, but the trick with Slimming World is to keep a variety so you don't get bored. I have been sent a selection of noodle products to try out as a low syn option.
I have always loved noodles but my usual brand can be as much as 5 syns per packet, and I do not want to waste 5 syns on lunch. This selection of noodle snacks range from 1.5 to 4 syns, so a great lower option.
Itsu Chicken Classic - 1.5 syns
Kabuto Beef Pho - 1.5 syns
Naked Noodle Laksa Curry - 2.5 syns
Naked Noodle Japanese Teriyaki - 1.5 syns
Naked Noodle Beef Pho - 1.5 syns
Naked Noodle Chow Mein Stir Fry - 4 syns
Naked Noodle Hoisin Stir Fry - 1.5 syns
I am completely new to Itsu noodles and it isn't a brand I have heard of before. But at 1.5 syns for the pot I thought it would be worth a try. I love the fact that the cup comes with a cool lid and a nice fork, so you can truly eat in the go. But for me that is where the good stuff ends. I didn't like the noodles and I found them to have very little flavour, in fact they tasted nothing like chicken and where very watery. They retail for around £2 per cup.
I have heard lots about Naked Noodle in my group, but had yet to try them. As soon as I took the lid of the Beef Pho noodle pot you could smell lots of delicious flavours. I also love that the noodle cups are plastic, they are easier to hold. The noodles only take a few minutes to make, so ideal for a quick lunch, its a decent sized portion to and its not really watery. The flavour is amazing an if you wanted to bulk it up with some speed foods it would be great served with a side of steamed veggies.
After trying the Naked Noodle Beef Pho I was interested to see how the kabuto version compared. It has exactly the same syn value and around the same sized serving. I noticed though as soon as I opened the lid that the same smells weren't coming out and hitting me in the face. It was a little more on the watery side, bit that could be easily remedied by adding less water. There wasn't as much flavour in the kabuto noodles but they had a little more spice.
I love a stir fry and they are a staple of some of my weekly evening meals. I always have trouble flavouring my egg noodles to the right flavour and these noodle stir fry kits are ideal. You boil the noodles in your wok with the flavour sachet and just add your  meat, fish or vegetables. The hoisin is perfect for duck and I also like it with beef. At only 1.5 syns I will definitely be trying it again.

Do you have go to lunches or do you tend to have the same things, I recommend giving these a go as yummy, low syn quick and easy lunches.
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  1. Look good - i am trying to lose weight for christmas!


  2. Sounds pretty good, special when we don't have time to cook.

  3. They sound good, shall have to look where I can get hold of a couple to try

  4. Ive seen these in the supermarkets but have not tried them as I didnt realise they were low syns. Will give them a go now.

  5. Look so tasty and easy to make for lunch thanks

  6. Thanks for the post. I shoved my steamed veg in the pot along with the noodles. Gave it a bit of colour an made it look more substantial. Tasty and quick lunch.


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