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If there is one thing we love in our house it's a game with educational value, with 3 children with additional needs any added option to learn is always welcome. The shopping list game has recently been revamped, with some new upto date items added.
The game is aimed at children ages 3-7 and suitable for 2-4 players, and I love that the rules are so simple. Each player chooses a basket or trolley and also a shopping list. The small tiles are spread out face down and players take it in turns to choose a tile and see if the item is in their list. If it is they put in in their basket, if its not on their list they place it face down back with the other tiles. The first person to complete their shopping list and fill their basket is the winner.
The game is great for building observational skills and memory skills as the other players have the chance to see where you are placing your unwanted tiles. Mr C didn't take long to understand how the game is played and he loves it. It's a really simple game but the children really love it and want to play it again and again. From a parents point of view the game is made from good sturdy card and doesn't bend easily, so it looks like it should last a while.
As you may know from reading the blog Miss S have very limited speech, but she can read really well, so I use the shopping list boards to encourage her language. We sit and sound out the items and encourage her to practice using her words. It also means that as she can read that she can join in the game and she actually understands it and enjoys playing.
You can buy Shopping List from the Orchard Toys website for only £7.50.
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*I was sent this item FOC for the purposes of review

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