Prestige Vintage Red Casserole Dish

Ever since I started Slimming World my casserole dish has been getting a good usage again, it was looking a bit tired though after 6 years use. Luckily for my the lovely people at Prestige got in touch and offered to send me a new one for review.
The vintage round casserole dish priced at only £20 is made from red ceramic. It has a non porous surface for great stain resistance, so it doesn't absorb moisture or odours. Prestige have combined a stylish vintage design with great practicality. So this dish will look great sitting on your dining room table and you can serve straight from it. The lid means that your food will say warm as you can cover it back up when you have finished serving.
The casserole dish is 26cm x 13cm which is a great size for a family the size of mine and it comes with a 12 months quality assurance guarantee. The casserole dish is dishwasher and microwave safe and it able to go straight from the freezer to oven. I love the fact it can go in the freezer as its perfect for freezing leftovers.
I knew instantly that I was going to try it out first on my tuna pasta bake as my old dish just wasn't big enough to hold all of the pasta. I must say I wasn't sure if it was going to fit in the Prestige, but it's a lot deeper than I thought.
There was even room for me to mix the ingredient in the bowl, I used to have to split it all into different pans. Now autumn is most definitely here I will be using it to make my casseroles and soups in, I'm using it tonight to make my Beef One Pot recipe, perfect for these crisp days.
This is just one of the lovely Prestige range, make sure you take a look a the website where you will find saucepans, grill pans, toaster, roastware and even bakeware.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the above item FOC for the purpose of review

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