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I sit and look back through my blog recently and noticed there are no blogs from me! There are my Slimming World posts, but not everyone wants to read those. My life is a stay at home Mum, to 4 children, 3 of whom have autism and that is what I strive to write about. My tag line says autism parent moans included and for the first time in years I have NONE!
Life is pretty good at the moment, yes I'm tired from little sleep thanks to Miss S, but this has become almost habit and routine. I thought  I would do a little update on each of the children, I plan to do one each month so I have something ot look back upon and celebrate their achievements.
Mr L has settled in so well at high school, better than we could have ever imagined. In the 6 weeks he has been there we have had just 1 incident. We had a prior with the school that L could choose his own punishment for bad behaviour. It was a structure that worked great for him in primary and I'm pleased they agreed to it continuing. He chose a break time detention and he dealt with it really well and hasn't looked back since. We get around 3 postcards a week sent home from school, telling us how well he is doing. But most importantly he is loving it, he seems to have matured and calmed down overnight. My eldest is growing up and coping with new transition wonderfully, so proud of him.
Mr D has had his ups and downs, he went through a bit of a patch of bad behaviour, he was fine at school but a nightmare at home! All he did was argue with his brothers, we took a look back over our Riding The Rapids manual for some tips and managed to reign im back in. He started Swimming lesson this term and he hates them. He seems to have an irrational fear of drowning, no matter how much we tell him the swimming teacher won't let home drown, he doesn't believe us! This accumulated in him hiding his swimming kit at school last week so he didn't have to go. This now means we have hand his kit to the teacher each Monday, he went again this Monday and the teacher said he did fine, he just doesn't like being on his back. He seems to have settled at school now and isn't struggling as much, his handwriting is improving thanks to the clover fingers programme he has been doing.
Miss S is still not sleeping great, she seems to go months sleeping well then has a 2-3 week block of really poor sleep. We are kind of used to it now and as I said above I get the chance to cat nap when all the children are at school. We now have Miss S's EHCP and it's nice to finally see a plan all written down in black and white. She is making great progress at school, her reading is coming along great, she still isn't there are all with writing. She finds holding writing tools awkward and tiring, but put her in front of a keyboard and she can type and spell amazingly. She is also making small steps with toileting thanks to her picture charts and we have finally cracked the toothbrushing.
Mr C is his regular self, he was star of the week in school last week and he was so proud of himself. He gets to be the leader in the lunch line all week and gets to sit on a special chair! He has been moved up a band in reading and his writing skills are amazing. He really loves going to school and is loving the challenges that reception has to offer. The pediatrician will come back to observe him again after Christmas, but from my point of view all the problems Nursery identified seem to have ebbed away. I have four with my other 3 children that transition to reception was sink or swim, they all struggled where Mr C has excelled. When he was referred via school as possibly on the spectrum I expressed my concerns and said they weren't giving him enough time. He was just a quiet little boy, who spoke in a little voice and didn't look at you, but then again he did start nursery at age 3, he just needed time to find himself. He well and truly has and I am quietly confident that he will be signed off after Christmas and I will remain the Mum to just 3 autistic children.
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  1. Sounds like they are all doing amazingly well - that is wonderful! So pleased Miss S is typing - it does free up the creativity of the reluctant to write! Does she touch type as that helps even more! There is a very good, fun, program for typing here: .

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler


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