Imagine the Possibilities with Barbie

You have probably seen some of our Barbie reviews and how much we love them. Most little girls I know love a Barbie doll, does your child love Barbie dolls? Miss S does we encourage as much imaginary play as possible as its great for her development. I remember when I was little playing with my Barbies and you could make your Barbies be anything you wanted. My Barbies were airhostesses, Zookeepers, school teachers and nurses the possibilities were endless. Your imagination is free to run wild when you are playing nothing is impossible, there is a fab new video created by the team at Barbie, take a look below.

I love the positive message behind the video, and a child's imagination really is endless. I love the adults reaction when the children come into to do the adults jobs. I would love to go to a child lead exercise class, they have limitless amounts of energy.
What do you think of the video? Do you enjoy watching your child playful imagination? What job would you most like to see a child act out and pretend to be?

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