Hey Duggie Magazine

If you have a preschooler who's getting a bit of cabin fever in this rubbish weather then get yourself down to your local newsagent today and grab the NEW Hey Duggie Magazine from Cbeebies for only £2.75.
If your 4 year old is anything like mine as soon as we walk into the shop he is mithering for a magazine, he doesn't alway get one. But when he does we like to make sure its a worthwhile one and not sut filled with plastic tat that he is going to discard after a few minutes.
What I love about this particular magazine is that it is jam packed with learning activities to keep your little one busy and engaged. There are colouring activities and dot to dot puzzles which are great time fillers for a rainy afternoon.
If your child watches Hey Duggie then they will know that in each episode Duggie has to earn a badge. Issue 1 of the magazine is all about earning the cake badge and the items on the front of the magazine help your child get theirs.
Mr C loves Hey Duggie so has really engaged with this magazine. He really enjoyed completing all the activities. Usually the magazine gets cast aside after about 10 minutes, but Mr C sat with this and went cover to cover completing each activity. He really liked the cake badge he got on the front of the magazine and the Hey Duggie Chef Hat!
The Magazine is in newsagents today, so be quick and get your copy while stocks last.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent this above magazine FOC for this post, plus a subscription to the Hey Duggie Magazine

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