Ever After High Darling Charming Doll

Ever since we reviewed the Lizzie Heart Playset Miss S has loved her Ever After High and she has been enjoying the series over on Netflix. This week she received another of the series to review, the Ever After High Darling Charming Doll, aimed at ages 6 and over and priced at £16.99 from Asda and Tesco Direct.
Start a new chapter with Ever After High, where the teenage son and daughters of famous fairytales decide whether or not to follow in their parents footsteps. Darling Charming has chosen to rewrite her destiny as an Ever After Rebel and to do it in storied style. The daughter of King Charming is a fairytale princess who want to be the knight in shining armour. Darling combines both her princess and warrior sides in one spelltacular look.
Darling Charming has a stunning silver dress with metallic bodice and shiny peplum skirt. She has some spectacular jewel encrusted  shoulder armour and a lovely belt to complete the warrior princess look. She has some great accessories  including silver shoes, silver cuff bracelet with a flowery ring, tiara style head band and a silver armour inspired purse. As With all of the Ever After High collection she comes with her own stand and completely posable arms and legs.
Miss S really loved the doll, its very sensory appealing for her with the different textures and colours, She spent a lot of time feeling the fabric and removing the accessories. She loves that the doll has its own stand so when she is not playing with it she can stand it on her window with her other Ever After and Monster High dolls. They make great collectable pieces as well as dolls to play with. She kept saying beautiful when she was playing with Darling Charming, so I think she really likes her.
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*I was sent the above sample FOC for the purposes of review.

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