Warner Bros Tour - The Making Of Harry Potter

A couple of weeks back I headed to Watford with my Cousin and Sister to celebrate my Sister birthday with a visit to The Making of Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros Studio. We stayed at the Premier Inn Watford Central which is just a 5 minute stroll from Watford Junction Station. There is a really handy shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes to the studio and its only £2 return per person.
Its only a 10  minute drive from Watford Central to the studios and as soon as you step off the bus your swept up by the magic of Harry Potter, You have the option of queuing for your tickets a the windows or there are some handy self service machine you can use that print your tickets off with.
Once you have your tickets in your hand you are free to enter, there is a large cafe, so you are free to go before your ticket time and chill out. You also have access to the AMAZING gift shop, we decried to grab a coffee and save the gift shop till last. There is also a cloak room for you to use, so you don't have to lug around your coats and bags, this was a great welcome bonus to us and we had our over night bags with us, even better was the cloakroom was absolutely free to use. Tickets start from around £25 and you can see the prices here. We visited during the Back To School feature so all the staff milling about were all dressed i authentic school robes, they looked spectacular. The foyer of the studios are a spectacle themselves, there are pictures of the cast all around the ceilings and props suspended from the ceiling. You are free to join the entry que 15 minutes before your tour start time and they have a very efficient system for entry. Your are let in in burst so the tour doesn't get to crowded and the first 2 parts of the tour are guided, the rest is free roam.
The best advice I can offer for this tour is take your time and make sure you have a spare battery for your camera, as you will want to photograph everything! As I mentioned above the first 2 parts are guided, you are taken into a room displaying the Harry Potter move posters in a whole host of languages. The guide talks about the how Harry Potter fever took over the world and how popular it is. You are then take into a cinema and get to watch the whole 22 hours worth of Harry Potter movies in under 5 minutes!! When the screening is open the screen lifts and your are face to face with the doors of the Great Hall and your tour starts with the dining hall.
Once this part of the tour is over you are free to roam from room to room and see all the spectacular sights. There are costumes, props, set up scenes even sets as big as the potion classroom. There is soo much to see and even if I tried I couldn't list them all if I wanted to!
During your visit there where lots of workshops set up for you to have a go at making your own story board, wand skills and story writing. You have the opportunity to have your picture and video take riding a broom and sitting in the famous car! These are priced at £14 each or there are special packages for around £25. Another thing I loved about the tour is that if you don't want to pay for your souvenir pictures there are lost of chances for pictures of your own such as platform 9 and 3/4, the train carriage and another car. I love a good souvenir photo so I of course had to buy one!
I don't want to ramble too much about how amazing this tour is, but it is truly truly spectacular, after your visit it makes you want to sit and watch all the films again. We had a good look at every single thing and took out time and we where there for well over 3 hours, we could have easily stretched it out longer but our feet weren't willing! They save the best till last a this tour, you walk round some small models of sets and come to the end of a corridor and think the tour is over and you turn a corner and your breath is taken away by the sight you are met with.
A huge replica of Hogwarts, the lighting and music playing in the back ground make it feel magical and you can ear everyone walking in saying WOW, and it it truly WOW! IF you love Harry Potter then you NEED to visit this tour, I am already planning a return visit with my hubby and older 2 boys! I also made a vlog for my YouTube channel so give that a watch to!

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*I was provided tickets FOC for purposes of review, all opinions are my own.

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