Tips for a long car journey in Manchester

Just about every destination in Manchester can be reached by car. Although there are a few pedestrianised areas in the city centre, most of these locations can be navigated to via road, so long as you are prepared to plan your route in advance, perhaps approach from the other side. Due to the heavy traffic that Manchester regularly sees, long car journeys are often inevitable, so it is worth making a plan no matter where in the city you want to get to, especially if you are not used to urban driving. When doing so, consider the following tips.

Use the M60. The ring road is probably not Manchester's most attractive feature, but it is extremely practical. By making use of the circular motorway, you can get from A to B in Manchester much more quickly and avoid snarl ups. If you are going from one side of Manchester to the other, then it certainly makes sense, but it is also useful to hop on and off if you have multiple destinations in the city to visit, perhaps to make deliveries. The junctions come quickly at some points, so keep your eye on the traffic signs because newcomers sometimes have difficulty making sure they are continuing on the M60 unless they pay attention.

Any Mancunian will tell you that the city's streets suffer from potholes. These are mostly confined to back streets because the major routes tend to get more attention from repair teams. Bumping up and down into potholes can cause problems with your car's tyres, so have your tyres checked before a prolonged trip around the city's streets. Point S car tyre dealers Manchester depot can get you the best deals on big tyre brands and they will check your car's wheel alignment as well as the age of your tyres. If your not near by you can always check out A full up to date service is a must have if you do any regular driving. How often do you get a service? If you are due one then is the best 1 stop shop for all your motoring needs.

Avoid the rush hour. Manchester is full of traffic during the week with people going back and forth from work. This is not just people from the Greater Manchester area, however. Commuters to the city arrive from the M6 motorway and towns like Bolton, Bury and Oldham. All of the major arterial routes to the city centre, such as the A57 and the M602, get very busy
between 8am and 9.30am. The evening rush hour also starts early, from about 4pm, and will last until 6.30pm. Check for major sporting events in the Old Trafford area of the city and avoid the A56 at such times when the road gets clogged up.

Be prepared for rain. Manchester has a reputation for drizzle and it is true that the city sees more rainfall than others do, on average. Located close to hills on all sides, the amount of precipitation can catch out people who are not used to it. Therefore, make sure your side lights are in good working order and that you have plenty of screen wash available to top up with. The rainy city streets can kick up grime which you will want to remove in order to keep driving safely.
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