The Cook Book For Children With Special Needs

Learning a new skill is an often overlooked way to connect with children that have special educational needs. For parents, carers and teachers that deal with the day to day difficulties of establishing and maintaining those connections cookery might have seemed quite low on the agenda. But Deborah French is changing those perceptions and opening up the kitchen for children with special needs to be be safe, engaging and healthy, with the Cook Book For Children With Special Needs.
Having devoted much of her life to creating opportunities for children with special needs Deborah's new book is packed full of recipes that will encourage children to open up, communicate, be engaged with their surrounding and learn. Having a Daughter with Down Syndrome as well as a Son on the Autistic spectrum Deborah has developed this cookbook from personal experience to function as a handbook for anybody working with or looking for an activity to do with children that have special needs.
The first chapter of the book is all about food, where it comes from, I really like how the book it set out. It is very visual and full of colourful pictures. Its perfect for my daughter who loves pictures and she will find it really engaging. It talks about what ingredients are and where they come from. It also tells you where in the world different ingredients comes from. I love the section about the different food groups and how they help your body function.
The second chapter is all about keeping safe in the kitchen. It covers things like storing food and how to use things safely whilst still having fun learning. It talks about use by dates and shelf life of food and where certain foods need to be stored. I also covers the importance of cross contamination, so its a great book for all ages as it covers that basics and the important info for older learner.
Chapter 3 is all about getting prepared to cook, it covers all the do's and dont's and what equipment you may need. it includes pictures so for the child who doesn't recognise words they can identify the images instead. It also covers the different icons used throughout the book again these are given in words and pictures.
You then get to the recipe section of the book and it begins with going back to basics with recipes such as bread, pancakes, soups an jacket potatoes.
The level 2 recipes introduce new ingredients, textures and flavours. It covers recipes like creamy scrambled egg with smoked salmon, Lentil Soup and fish fingers. It says at the beginning about being brave and some children with additional needs have aversions to certain texture and smells, so they have to be brave to cook these new recipes.
The final chapter is level 3 recipes and this introduces you to chicken and meat, it reminds the learner that they have to pay attention to the rules of the kitchen on order to keep safe still. It has recipes such as roast chicken, bolognese and crunchy chicken with sweet and sour cabbage. 

I absolutely love this book, I think for the more able child who can read its amazing, it reminds them constantly of safety and being brave and bold to try hard. but on the same token for the younger less able child its very visual, the book is priced at £14.00 and available from Ebay, Wordery and Hive.
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