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Taking all 4 of my children out to eat can be a bit of a minefield, we need somewhere that can sit us quick, take our order and have the food out pretty quickly. My children have autism and waiting around isn't one of their greatest qualities. 
Last week we took a trip to Legoland and Sealife and popped into TGI Fridays for some food afterwards. As we approached I saw a line or around 15 people waiting to be seated and instantly panicked. but by the time we got to the end of the line it had half disappeared. There were at least 3 people working the front desk and getting people seated quickly. We were at the front within 5 minutes and the lovely Emma asked us how many were dining. I told her that there was 7 of us and she went to have a look for a table for us to sit at, she came back within a few minutes to say there was at least a 20 minute wait for a large table. I explained about the children and asked if they had 2 tables next to each other that we could sit at, she popped off again and came back within a few minutes to say she had 2 tables next to each other. She explained that the tables where covered by 2 different waitresses but not to worry they were going to push the tables together for us and only 1 would take our orders so not to make the ordering to confusing and prevent our food coming out at different times.
It was Friday afternoon and the restaurant was packed to the rafters, but everywhere you looked there were staff seating customers, taking orders, serving food and generally looking busy and all with a smile on their faces. Our waitress Emma brought over some activity packs for the children, which was a great distraction of them and contained some pencils, activity book and some TGI Friday Hats.
She then asked if we had eaten with TGI's before and fully explained the menu to us, including telling us all about the fab new menu we would be ordering off. It all looked delicious and the Jack Daniels flavoured items available she told us had been a big hit since they appeared on the menu. The children felt very important to have their own menus to choose from. I liked that they had it broken down into sections and had items suitable for the little ones like Mr c and then larger portion for my older boys. The Little League dishes are priced at just £3.49 and you have a choice of fish fingers, chicken burger, chicken tenders, tomato tubes or hamburger. They come with a choice of French fries, creamy mash, waffles or seasoned veg. The major league for older kids are priced at just £4.99 and has a choice of cheese pizza, meat feast pizza, monster burger, hot dog, chicken wrap. BBQ rib or meatball penne.
Mr C opted for the fish fingers with french fries and baked beans and I was really impressed with the portion size. He would have been happy with just 2 fish fingers but he actually got 3, a decent size portion of fries and his beans served in a little side dish. My older boys opted for the monster burger, which comes with crispy bacon, onion ring, cheese, tomato and mayo. I would of loved to see what it looked like complete, but my boys are extra fussy with food tastes and only wanted it with the beef burger and bacon on. They also had the option of fries or waffles and baked beans or veg but just opted for the burger and fries, 
My Mum opted for the Jack Daniels Salmon priced at £14.99, a char-grilled fillet with a Jack Daniels glaze and served with creamy mash and seasonal vegetables. For me I was trying to be good as I am currently on Slimming World. so I opted for the Blackened Chicken Fajitas priced at £14.99. Served on a bed off onions and peppers, with a side of dips and tortillas its more than your monies worth. For the men they has their eyes on only 1 thing........ The Warrior Burger! It was huge with 2 big 7oz burger patty's, mozzarella dippers, colby cheese, crispy bacon, american cheese, caramelised onion, may and a side of onion rungs. The warrior is £14.99 and for an extra £2 you can upgrade and get a side of bacon & cheese fries.  
The service was excellent, we were in, seated, served, eaten and out within 90 minutes, which I think is pretty good when there was 7 of us eating. Emma our waitress was great, she took our order swiftly, explained the menu, listened to Mr L give her a very detailed explanation of why he wanted only bacon and hamburger and nothing else. We all ordered the bottomless drinks with our food and Emma said to give her a shout when they needed refilling, we never had to do this because as soon as they were empty she came along and took the empties away and brought a fresh one along. We were all to stuffed for a dessert after our huge mains, you definitely get what you pay for and the food is really well cooked. we will definitely be taking a trip back very soon. I thoroughly recommend a trip here, the menu is great and there is plenty of choice for the children.

Thanks For Reading
*I was given £50 worth of voucher to put towards the cost of my meal. All opinions are honest and my own.
  1. We are probably going to tgi Fridays for lunch this weekend when we are at the Trafford Centre, I'm also doing slimming world though so I'll have to try and be good!


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