Straight Back To Routine

Last Wednesday saw the return of the vey much needed school routine. Mr D and Mr C where the first to return, starting Reception and Year 4.
Mr D is always very apprehensive on returning to school, he doesn't cope well with the change of class room and teacher. Luckily this year we struck gold and Mr D is having the teacher that Mr C had last year and she is a lovely teacher. She is just the right level of understanding and firmness he needs. Wednesday and Thursday went real well for both the boys and they seem really happy to be back. This week will see their first full week back and also Mr d starting swimming lessons for the first time.
Miss S was back at school on Thursday and after hearing her say "no school,no bus" for the past two weeks I was wondering how getting her on the bus. She is a strong little girl despite her poor muscle tone. Getting her dressed was a headache, no sooner had I added a layer she had taken it off, while screaming "no school". I managed to get her in it and if by magic she had a magical transformation and wanted her coat on to wait for the bus. She has settled well into her new class and knows her teachers name already.
Mr L had his very first day at high school to. He has been looking forward to it all summer. We worried so much it wasn't the right place for him. But early indications are all good. He has coped well with transitions. He doesn't seem to bothered by the noise and is loving the school dinners. He does have his TA From primary with him for the first 6 weeks to ease him in. I am hoping that the new school will take the time to learn all about Mr L through Debbie over the next 6 weeks. Then when she leaves to go back to primary school they will know his triggers and have a better understanding of him.
As for me I  just enjoying the peace and quiet and getting the house back to a post school holiday state. I am so pleased that all the early indication are good ones.

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