Slimming World Week 9 Weigh In

I haven't been looking forward to yesterday since last Wednesday! I have always had a problem with comfort eating, its how I ended up overweight in the first place. If I am stressed or sad food is what I reach for and on Wednesday it reared its ugly head for the first time since I joined slimming world. Some of my meals have been on plan and it's the evening when everyone is in bed and it's quiet and I have time to sit an think I start making bad choices.

I think it's important not to dwell in it and tried a number of times to pull myself back on the wagon only to slip off it again. So I decided to get through the weekend and start fresh again yesterday, I have also decided that I am going to start keeping a food diary again. That way I can know exactly what I have eaten and make sure no secret syns slip in.

I am always very honest about what I have eaten and told my Slimming World leader about my shoddy week and she is a lovely supportive lady. I am back on it with determination as of yesterday morning and want to get back on track with my losses, no more gains between now and Christmas and fingers crossed for 3 stone total loss by Christmas!
On the bright side I did win the raffle at tonights group, I've got a fab hand blender and all the ingredients to make leek and potato soup!
Last Weeks Goal was to lose 2 lbs
This Weeks Result +1
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 2lbs
This Weeks Goal - 2 lbs 
  1. Onwards and upwards (or downwards if we're talking about the numbers on the scale !). Overall you're still doing great so don't focus on the blips xx

  2. You definitely have the right attitude, put it behind you and start tracking, you're doing so well but a slip up now and again is to be expected.


  3. Good Luck, its so tricky not to reach for the food in the evening, that's my difficulty too. A food diary is great, I have kept one for almost a year and as long as you record everything and not beat yourself up too much, it seems to work :)


  4. Good Luck for a better week. I too struggle with food, I love it. I know what I should be eating and how much but I just have days sometimes week where it just all goes to pot.

  5. Good luck it looks as though you haven't gained that much and onwards and upwards x

  6. It is so easy to slip back into old eating habits but well done for recognising that you are. Here is to a good week! x #WeighInWednesday

  7. I do have to admit that with the colder weather, it is so easy to slip back into bad habits but I am trying. Well done on winning the raffle and hope you enjoyed your Leek and Potato soup - been ages since I had any! Hope you are having a good week chick, never dwell, just get back on it and keep cracking at it! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in again this week! Sim xx

  8. I'm the same. If I feel I need a "pick me up" I end up eating chocolate (some gives me headache but I still eat it) or a bag of crisps. Can't get out of the bad habits - need to slim and get out and enjoy life more.


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