Slimming World Week 8 Weigh In

I cannot believe that it has been 8 weeks since I decided enough was enough and I wanted to finally make a change. I have spent most of my life trying so many diets and hated every single one of them. There is so much info out there about slimming world and if you like food and don't want to starve yourself on meal replacements its definitely the plan for you!
I was welcomed into my lovely group and haven't looked back since and in 8 weeks I am 1st 3lbs lighter as a result!

Last week saw a 2.5lb loss and this motivated me to stay on track again this week. I meal planned all my food so I knew what I was eating. I think with slimming world this really helps me stay on track and stops me picking at the fridge. I realised this week just how far I have come, when I get bored I eat, and this hasn't changed...... but I now find myself eating fruit and nibbing on carrots! For someone who always headed for the breadbin that in itself is massive!

Whats even more exciting for me is I am starting to notice the changes myself, my face is a little thinner and my double chin is getting smaller! I am also 2 sizes smaller in tops and 1 size smaller in bottoms, I am actually now the lightest I have ever been in about 4 years, at 19 stone though I still have a long way to go. But with this plan I really feel like I can do it, for this first time in a long time I feel positive about how I feel and where I want to be. I don't have an ideal weight and I haven't set a goal as such. I just want to be able to walk onto a normal high street store and pick something up and know they have it in my size and to have to go to the plus size section. Not that there is anything wrong with the plus size section, I have been shopping there for much of the last 10 years but as I get older and the inevitable health issue may start occurring its time to change.

I headed to this weeks weigh in and have been on plan all week so knew I was definitely going to get a loss, I tend to keep my syns as low as possible. I had some lovely birthday cake this week and even had a crunchie and packet of crisps on treat night. I was really pleased with this weeks 2.5lb loss as it keeps me on track for my mini goal.
My mini goal is to lose 2lbs each week between now and Christmas, this will mean if I do it that I will be 3 stone lighter by Christmas!

Last Weeks Goal was to lose 2 lbs
This Weeks Result -2.5lbs
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 3lbs
This Weeks Goal - 2 lbs 

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Raising Emily
  1. Wow! That's great, you must be really pleased! I haven't ever tried slimming world but it sounds like its definitely working for you and feeling positive it sometimes more important than anything to get you started! Good Luck! :)


  2. That's a fabulous result - well done ! Mini goals are definitely the way to go - good luck for next week's weigh-in :)

  3. Wow how amazing what a fab result well done! You will get that 3 stone before Christmas I know you will :) #weighloseorstay

  4. Wow that's a great loss! Well done! I have just restarted following Slimming World again. I have tried other diets in the past which really deprived me of foods and I failed so hoping this time I am doing the right thing! x #WeightlossWednesday

  5. Wow you have done so well already and should be proud of yourself :)
    Stevie x #weighloseorstay

  6. Well done! I'm glad that you are starting to see changes and feeling so positive :)


  7. What a fantastic loss so far - the greatest is when you notice a difference in clothes! Well done chick, Slimming World is really suiting you and you are totally right - find a diet that fits in with you and that you enjoy being on, it should never be a chore. Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in this week! Sim xx

  8. Well done!! Keep going! When I started SW, it was in my face that I noticed it the most even though I would have lost weigh all over! When you lose the weight and your clothes are too big it's one of those two way feelings, glad that your clothes are too big but annoyed that nothing fits lol. I have the issue that my jeans are too big so they keep falling down but they don't fall down enough that I need to get the next size down lol. (Sorry my comment is so late!)


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