Slimming World Week 7 Weigh In

After last week shock 1lb gain I was determined that the past week would be as on plan and syn free as possible. As always I plan what I'm going to eat, which helped me to stay on plan. I had also factored in the fact I was in London for a full day and night and needed to be sensible with my food choices.
The night we ate out in London we visited Jimmys World cuisine buffet, the type of place that would normally eat till I felt sick!! But this time I opted for salad and sushi for my starter, tepanyaki for my main and I even had a little pudding of a hand made waffle and 1 scoop of ice cream! I was so proud of myself as the food they had on offer was to die for. The following morning it was time for the Travelodge Breakfast, my favourite part of staying at the hotel chain. Again I was good opting for scrambled egg, bacon with fat removed, tomatoes and 1 piece of brown bread. After our visit to The Making of Harry Potter Tour we had 3 hours to kill till our train from Watford so we headed to Weatherspoons for food as we hadn't eaten since breakfast. I again chose sensible and had the steak, but swapped the chips and fried mushrooms for a jacket potato and salad. I think the weekend taught me that I still can eat out regularly its just all about making good choices! This is exactly why I love Slimming World, it doesn't feel like I'm on a diet.

Things went a little belly up when I got home, my sister is just back from New York and brought back a HUGE bag of Reeces! Whilst watching TV on Sunday night I ate 8 peanut butter cups, 8 Hersheys kisses and 8 giant rolos! I felt really bad, but so good all a the same time, I had woken up feeling really poorly and it was just the ticket to make me feel better!
Onto weigh in day yesterday, I only need a 2lb loss to get my much wanted stone award, but I was worried if the previous nights pig out would affect my chances..........
It didn't and I finally after 3 weeks of back and to go my much wanted stone award with a loss of 2.5lbs!!
I am so happy and I am now working towards my 1.5 stone award with only 6.5lbs to go till that next shiny!
Last Weeks Goal was to lose 2 lbs
This Weeks Result -2.5lbs
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 0.5lbs
This Weeks Goal - 2 lbs  

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  1. that is great news, well done! I feel as if me & you have been fighting for our one stone certificate forever, even though in reality it isn't actually that long at all!
    Well done on making healthy choices when out, that is where I fail badly and why I don't think I'll be getting my stone tomorrow!


  2. well done! a really great achievement! sounds like you had a great week too, I really want to go to the harry potter museum myself. I too plan my meals each week as I find it easier to stay on track than if I 'wing' it!


  3. Well done ! It's great to be able to eat out and have treats and still lose weight - everything in moderation ! :)

  4. Brilliant well done and other than your slip up I love how you made good choices when you were out and about :)


  5. well done! i'm so jealous that you went to Harry Potter Studios, I've always wanted to go! your willpower is much greater than mine, I would have eaten like a pig :P

  6. Brilliant, well done on the certificate. I loved receiving the certificates as they really helped motivate me (small things and all that!) Have a great week #SWSunday

  7. Awww well done lovely lady!! You deserved that award and you totally smashed it!! :) Don't ever feel bad for treating yourself, we all need it every now and then to keep pushing forward! Sounds like you have been making some excellent choices when out and about - the little things add up and help you get to target! Thank you so much for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday - hope to see you again this week! Sim xx


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